Supercharge Your Productivity with FreshBooks and Google’s G Suite

G Suite is Google’s all-in-one suite of business apps that enables you to communicate, collaborate and create.

Note: The G Suite integration is only available in the new FreshBooks.

Say hello to G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps for Work, Google’s suite of business apps that are designed to help you be more productive and look professional. G Suite includes business email, calendar, storage, and six other apps.

FreshBooks is always looking for solutions that help small businesses run more efficiently, which is why FreshBooks now integrates with G Suite to help you leverage their combined power. Now you won’t have to awkwardly juggle between different apps, everything just works together. Plus this integration enables you to invoice clients up to 3x faster and preview client emails directly in your FreshBooks account.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is Google’s all-in-one suite of business apps that enables you to communicate, collaborate and create.

Business Email
Get up and running with your very own business email address ( on Gmail for Work. This will help you look more professional and establish your unique brand.

Teamwork that Works
Schedule events in Google Calendar at times that work for everyone. Get meeting reminders directly to your Gmail inbox. With one click, join a video meeting through Hangouts and share your Slides to review as a team.

All You Need to Work on the Go
Enjoy a consistent experience from your computer, tablet, or phone. Draft a proposal in Google Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your phone right before the meeting.

What Can I Do with the G Suite Integration?

The G Suite integration helps you work faster and stay up to date on your client relationships. The integration has two main features that help you do just that.

Invoice Google Contacts

gsuite 1

When typing in your client’s name on a FreshBooks invoice, your Google Contacts will populate in the client drop-down list, and when selected the client will be automatically created in FreshBooks. This enables you to invoice up to 3x faster and cut down on manual entry work (P.S. Download the free Google Sheets invoice template or Google invoice templates to make invoices in a matter of minutes).

Preview Client Emails

gsuite 2

On the Client Profile page in FreshBooks, the relationship feed will show you the most recent invoicing updates as well as your Gmail for Work email correspondence with that client. This is an easy way to keep track of where you and your client left off in FreshBooks without having to search through your email inbox.

Getting Started with G Suite

If you already have a G Suite account all you need to do is connect it with your FreshBooks account and you’re ready to go. Questions? Reach out to our support team at or call 1-866-303-6061.

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