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September 17, 2009

As many of you know, a blog is an affordable and effective way for a small business to expand their online presence. And many of you spend a lot of time and money getting prospects to visit your blog, only to lose them before they’ve asked to do business with you. Today we’ve got a solution that can help. Now visitors to your blog can generate a-la-carte invoices, request estimates and submit their contact information using your TypePad blog with the help of FormSpring.

As any good salesperson will tell you, you have to ask for the sale. You have to make it clear that you want to do business and make it easy for prospects to contact you.  The FormSpring integration with FreshBooks has already closed the gap by making it easy to collect customer contact information and take orders from the Web directly into FreshBooks. Today, FormSpring has expanded their integration with FreshBooks by building the FreshBooks Order Form widget for TypePad.

As you can see from the video above, you can use this integration to get important information from your visitors into your FreshBooks account – and more importantly, make the lives of your prospects easier (which is pretty much money in the bank).

TypePad from Six Apart is the premier hosted blogging service for small businesses, and it’s backed up by a dedicated customer service team. For customers looking to jump into blogging but need a helping hand, TypePad is definitely the blogging solution for you. Not only do they have an extensive widget gallery, but their TypePad One team will help you launch your blog on the right foot.

Typepad’s not only a partner, they are customers too

We’ve also been proud to count TypePad as FreshBooks customer for a while now:

I’m Laura Poyneer and I head up the TypePad One Services team at Six Apart. TypePad is the premier hosted blogging service for small business, well known for its customer support. The TypePad One Services team helps our customers take their blogs to the next level of design and optimization.

When looking for an invoicing solution for our team, several TypePad bloggers recommended FreshBooks. We prefer to work with partners who share our belief in excellent customer service and it was clear that FreshBooks would be a good fit. True enough, we signed up for a FreshBooks account and were able to start invoicing customers and accepting payment with PayPal right away.

Lately we have been using the new FreshBooks for TypePad widget to collect contact details from interested customers automatically in FreshBooks. The widget has really saved a lot of time managing our billing, which we’d rather spend doing what we love best – helping our customers make their blogs better!

So without further adieu, we are pleased to announce that you too can use the widget generate leads on your blog, and help quantity the value of the time and energy you put into blogged.  Check out the details and get started.

If you liked this, check out our other add-ons. We’re always looking for better ways to fit into your world.

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