New: Manager Role Just Added to FreshBooks!

Share the responsibilities of running your business with the new Manager role.

Your business is growing and you need to spend more time making executive decisions—and less time on the administrative side of things. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hand off tasks like creating and managing estimates, monitoring project progress, billing and entering expenses?

Good news: FreshBooks’ has introduced a new Manager team member role, in addition to the existing Admin, Employee, Contractor and Accountant roles.

This new role gives your right-hand person access to all the tools and non-financial reports they need to help you manage and run your business.

How Does the Manager Role Help Me and My Business?

Have you considered hiring or promoting an employee to help share the responsibility of managing day-to-day tasks? The new Manager role will allow your second-in-command to:

  • Help your team stay motivated by keeping projects on track, which gives you more time to focus on executive functions that only you can do.
  • Create and manage Invoices and Retainers, reducing the hassle and time it takes for you to deal with billing-related issues.
  • Access non-financial reporting so they can keep you up-to-date on performance. And since Managers don’t have access to financial reports, you’ll maintain exclusive access to your financial information.

What Can the Manager Role Actually Do?

Employees assigned the Manager role in FreshBooks can manage projects, billing and other team members more effectively in a single tool.

manager role permissions

Benefits of this new role include:

  • Winning more work thanks to their ability to view, create and edit Estimates and Proposals
  • Always being up-to-date on the work their team is doing and how it’s tracking against budgets by viewing, creating and editing Projects or monitoring time tracked by the rest of the team
  • Quickly billing clients by viewing, creating and editing all Invoices and Client Retainers
  • Creating and viewing their own Expenses
  • Viewing non-financial reports like Accounts Aging, Time Entry Details and Retainer Summary Report

What’s the Difference Between the Manager Roles and Other Team Roles?

Need a refresher on roles in FreshBooks to make sure you’re giving the right access to the right people? Here’s a summary of the other roles:


An admin is someone who can help you run your business and make daily decisions. They can:

  • Add and manage clients and other team members
  • Manage account settings and bank connections
  • View your Dashboard and Reports
  • Create, edit and send Invoices, Estimates, Retainers and Projects
  • Create and view their own Expenses
  • Track and manage their own time, and the time tracked by other team members
  • Access financial reports and accounting tools

The only thing an Admin can’t do is cancel your FreshBooks account, remove you as the owner of the account or access the Apps & Integrations tab.


An employee is someone you pay to fill any kind of role in your business. They can:

  • Capture their own Expenses and keep track of expenses that should be billed back to clients
  • Track their own time for a client or project work
  • View and collaborate on Projects

Employees won’t be able to create or send Invoices to clients, view your Reports or have access to any financial information for your business.


You may hire a contractor to do specialized or overflow work. Unlike admins and employees, a contractor will get their own separate FreshBooks account. They will have very limited access to yours. A contractor can:

  • View and track time on Projects you’ve assigned to them
  • View their own Invoices, Expenses and Estimates
  • Invoice you for their time tracked

Contractors do not see anything else in your FreshBooks account.


If you want to get deeper insights into your business’s performance and understand your financials better, it’s helpful to give your accountant access to your FreshBooks account. An accountant can:

  • Have read-only access to invoices
  • Create and edit new expenses, but not delete any existing ones
  • Have access to all accounting reports
  • Create new journal entries


With full access to your FreshBooks account minus a view of confidential financial reports, the Manager role helps manage all those day-to-day administrative tasks for you. By sharing responsibility with this new role, you can get back to the most crucial aspects of running your business.

If you have any questions about the new Manager role, you can check out our handy FAQ. If you’d prefer to be in touch with a person, our award-winning Support Team would be happy to give you a helping hand. Email or call 1.866.303.6061.

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