New: Easily Review Logged Hours with Team Time Tracking on FreshBooks

Now, review your team’s monthly hours in a single snapshot with Team Time Tracking.

Tracking your hours accurately is important—it allows you to invoice with confidence for the work you’ve done and helps you better predict the length of future projects. It’s even more important working with a team to ensure everyone pulls their weight and the project stays on track. To truly understand where you and your team spend your collective time, you need a way to review your monthly hours all at once.

Now, Review Your Team’s Monthly Hours in a Single Snapshot and Clearly Understand Where Time is Spent

You can now get a monthly overview of how much time the whole team dedicated to each project—in both a handy bar graph and a calendar view. Also, dive deeper and look at you and your team members’ hours to audit how much time was spent on each project, each day.

How Does it Work?

From the Time Tracking page, click the new review button at the top of the page.

team time tracking

This page shows you an overview of the time your team logged in the current month, organized by client. Each bar represents the number of hours logged that month, for each client. If you hover over the bar, you will see a breakdown of hours by team member.

team time tracking

You can also view a breakdown of how each team member spent their time. Just click on any of your team members along the left-hand side and split their time by client. Hover and see how your team logged their hours by project.

team time tracking

If you click the calendar icon at the top-right, you can see a monthly visual of the selected team member’s time. This is helpful to spot any time gaps or to better learn how each employee spends their workdays.

team time tracking

Ready to Get Started?

Take a look at the hours you (and your team) have logged in your FreshBooks account. Who knows, you may just spot some trends that help you run your next project even better.

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