Get Paid on Your Terms with Advanced Payments

Imagine getting paid instantly. It’s now possible with the Advanced Payments add-on that includes Virtual Terminal and more.

One of our most requested features has arrived: Advanced Payments is now available to all new FreshBooks users. For $20 / month (plus 3.5% + $0.3 per transaction), you’ll get a Virtual Terminal to securely store credit card information and charge clients instantly over the phone, in-person or on-the-go.

So, instead of keeping credit card information in random Word documents or on sticky notes, Advanced Payments is a PCI-compliant way to keep your client’s data safe and ready to use whenever you need. No more worrying about theft, and you can avoid awkward follow-up calls. Getting paid on your terms has never been easier.

Advanced Payments: What Is It?

Ever written down a client’s credit card on a scrap of paper?

Wish you could spend less time invoicing for subscriptions?

Want to get paid instantly?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Advanced Payments is tailor-made for you. But it’s more than just getting paid faster. With this add-on, billing becomes less of a chore and you can have better client conversations that go deeper than unpaid invoices. Added bonus? You’ll be able to accurately regulate your cash flow and plan for growth.

“We built Advanced Payments to help business owners get paid on their own terms. But beyond transactions, it helps you foster stronger client relationships, because now you can focus on your work instead of chasing checks.”  – Keith Dell, Payments Product Manager

Accepting Payments In-Person and Over the Phone

Using the Virtual Terminal, you can process payments on the spot. Without leaving FreshBooks, simply enter your client’s credit card information to process a one-time payment or save for future, recurring use.

Streamline Your Subscription Billing

If you use recurring invoicing, Advanced Payments will save you hours of admin work. Once you add a subscription, your invoices will be automatically generated and even paid with the client card on file. It’s one less thing for you and your client to worry about.

Advanced Payments: How Does It Work?

Once you’ve enabled FreshBooks Payments and added Advanced Payments, charging credit cards is easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how it works on your desktop below.

virtual terminal

Step 1: On the invoice, click “Charge Card” and the Virtual Terminal will appear.

virtual terminal

Step 2: Enter your client’s information here and click “Charge.” If you’d like to save the card for future use (like subscriptions), be sure and be sure to click the box.

virtual terminal

Step 3: Once you’ve completed the process, your client will automatically get a receipt emailed to them.

If you have questions about Advanced Payments or anything else, our award-winning Support Team is standing by to give you a hand at: or 1.866.303.6061.

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