Features to Help Your Business Through COVID-19

New and improved features to help your business stay productive and supported through these unprecedented times.

COVID-19 New Features

Has COVID-19 totally transformed the way your business operates? Maybe you’ve started moving more of your business online, or are finding new ways to win clients, or have been navigating relief fund applications. If you’re feeling isolated or worried about the survival of your business, just know that you’re not alone.

And to help you continue putting your clients first while keeping an eye on how your business is doing, FreshBooks has developed new features and functionality. These small changes will help you save time every day, so you can put more energy into the bigger-picture problems you’re dealing with. Here’s a look at the latest updates.

Gain More Control Over Your Reports

Pulling numbers for a relief fund application? Looking through expenses for costs to cut? Trying to see if any clients still owe you money? Find what you’re looking for faster with these updates to reports.

Enhanced Report Filters

You can now easily run reports with custom date ranges, client-specific filters, and statuses. So if you’re filing for SBA grants or relief funding, you can find the numbers the government needs in no time.

Bookmarked Reports

Find yourself running the same specific report again and again? Like a weekly expense report on staff spending? Or time entry details to see how you’re spending your day? No problem. You can actually save your filtered report results as a bookmark in your browser. Just launch the URL and your report will load.

Improved Accounts Aging Report

Want to see which invoices are outstanding or which clients still owe you money? Click on any number in your Accounts Aging Report to see which invoices are tied to it. No need for complicated searches.

Manage All Your Invoice Payments in One Place

As your business continues to adapt to the changes and challenges created by COVID-19, it’s important to stay on top of how much money you’re making. That’s where the new Payments page can help. It breaks down every payment you’ve received and allows you to edit past payments all in one place.

You’ll have full control over managing payments, and can easily:

  • Filter through payments by date, payment method, currency, and client
  • Add, edit, or delete offline (manual) payments directly on the page
  • Edit the Notes field for online payments
  • See which payments make up the income on your Profit & Loss Report

As you continue to look for ways to cut costs and stay in the black, tracking expenses is as important as ever. Advanced Search for Expenses allows you to filter entries by Category, Vendor, Status, Bank Account, Date, or Keywords instead of having to manually scan through pages, so you can see how your expenses break down. Plus, easily track COVID-19-related expenses for government reimbursements by adding “COVID” to the entries description.

Shift Business Online with eCommerce Integrations

If your business is looking to move sales online, FreshBooks can help you track the revenue with new integrations for Shopify, Squarespace, and more. Seamlessly keep track of every sale you make on each platform, and continue getting an accurate view of how much money you’re making in FreshBooks.

Track Your Time Spent in Zoom Meetings

Virtual team meetings? Client presentations on video? Screen sharing with an advisor? You’ve likely started shifting all of your business meetings online. Now, you can easily track the time you spend in those meetings and bill them to Projects or Clients with the new Zoom integration via Zapier.

If You Need Us, We’re Here

This “new normal” is new for everyone. And while we don’t know how long it will last, we do know that we’ll be here to help your business succeed where we can. So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out here.


Written by FreshBooks

Posted on April 28, 2020