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What Is Finance: Definition & Types of Finance

What Is Finance: Definition & Types of Finance

The definition of finance is the science or study of money, investments and capital. The word originates from the French word “finance” which means to provide funds for a project. Finance can be used in many different contexts. These include personal finance, corporate finance and government finance. This article will discuss various ways that people can obtain financing for their projects. It will also discuss some of the best types of financing for businesses.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What Is Finance or Financing?

Four Common Types of Financing

Who Offers Government Loans?

Five Common Types of Financial Services and Institutions

Key Takeaways

What Is Finance or Financing?

The definition of finance is the science or study of money, investments and capital. At its core, financing simply means to provide funds for a project.

Are Loans and Financing the Same Thing?

Loans and financing are not always the same thing. Loans often provide money in a shorter time frame. Financing typically refers to investing in longer-term assets.

Four Common Types of Financing

Equipment Loans

The first is equipment loans which are used for buying new equipment. These usually have a lower interest rate than other loans. The repayment period is usually shorter.

Equipment loans are good for businesses that want to purchase heavy machinery and office equipment.

Real Estate Loans

The second type of financing is real estate loans. These are typically used to purchase a building or land for a business location. This type of financing also has a low interest rate and a longer repayment period.

Real estate loans are commonly used by new and more established businesses. Banks may require additional collateral for a new business.

Operating Loans

The third type of loan is operating loans which are often used to fund temporary cash flow shortages. This type of financing typically has the highest interest rates. It often has the most lenient repayment terms.

Operating loans are commonly used when businesses need to pay upfront costs.

Term Loans

The fourth and final type of public finance is term loans. These are usually used to pay off other loans such as operating loans. The repayment terms are the most lenient.

Who Offers Government Loans?

The government provides several different types of business financing including grants, direct lending and guaranteed loans. Banks are not usually involved in these types of financing.

Government grants are often used to provide businesses with funds for r&d projects. Direct lending provides loans directly to business owners without going through a financial institution. Guaranteed loans are backed by the government instead of the bank. These are beneficial because they do not require collateral or paperwork. Approval is more difficult than direct loans.

Business owners can apply for government financing after receiving approval from the SBA. The SBA provides information about the different types of government loans. Business owners can find this info on their website.

How to Apply for SBA Loans

SBA loans are designed to help businesses grow. The SBA does not provide business financing. It assists business owners in obtaining loans from other banks and lending institutions.

The first step for applying for an SBA loan is to contact a local bank about the different types of loans they offer. After receiving approval, the bank contacts the SBA and notifies them that a certain business is seeking financing. Banks may need some documentation like income statements. The SBA will then approve or reject the request based on specific financial guidelines set by Congress.

Five Common Types of Financial Services and Institutions

There are countless financial services and institutions available to help with finances. Here are five of the most common:

Investment Banks

The first type of finance is banks. Banks offer a variety of personal and business loans, mortgages, certificates of deposit (CDs) and savings accounts. Banks can also assist with starting a new company by providing required small business loans and financing.

Some of the best business banks are:

  • Wells Fargo
  • U.S. Bank
  • Chase

Credit Unions

The second is credit unions. These provide personal, small business and student loans. Lines of credit are also an option. These types of loans usually have lower interest rates than traditional banks. Credit unions also offer low-cost checking accounts to their customers. They often have a finance professional available to discuss. 

Investment Firms

The third is investment firms which offer a variety of financial services. These services include investing in different funds, stocks and bonds. Investment firms also provide retirement planning for individuals and businesses. These firms often have financial advisors available as well.

Some popular investment firms are:

  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity Investments
  • E-Trade

Insurance Companies

The fourth are insurance companies. Insurance companies offer life, home, auto and business insurance. Insurance companies also provide risk management services. They reduce the cost of premiums on items such as burglar alarms or fire protection systems.

Credit Reporting Agencies

The fifth are credit reporting agencies. Credit reporting agencies help individuals by providing reports of financial status and credit score. Credit scores are used when applying for different types of loans or credit cards. These agencies also provide information about businesses to creditors. These agencies are looking for risks associated with extending credit.

There are many types of financial services and institutions, but these five are some of the more common you will come across. The business finance industry is all about managing money. This includes analyzing budgets, staying within a budget, saving money and investing in different assets and activities that may become profitable in the future. The "finance" or financial world is big and complex. It requires many people to work together to help individuals and businesses maximize their earnings and minimize their spending.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, finance is a term used to describe money management. This includes earning money from working, saving and investing as well as spending money on necessities such as food and shelter. There are various types of individuals, assets and activities involved in the financial world. These include banks which offer loans for start-up companies, among others. It also includes insurance companies and credit reporting agencies that help individuals and businesses.

Finding good financing is an art in itself. A good loan can make your project or business significantly more successful than a bad loan. In general, most loans have interest rates that will be a percentage of the total amount lent. The best type of loan is one with the lowest interest rate. Other types of financing include grants and government financial assistance programs for individuals or groups such as students. Hopefully this article answers your financing questions.

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