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The Best Invoicing for Psychologists

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Psychology Invoice Template

Download the free psychology invoice template and harness the power of its professional design. It’s simple to fill out and you’ll feel confident sending it to each and every client.

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Get Your Free Psychology Invoice Template

As a psychologist, you have a job full of real-world issues. Whether you specialize in marriage counseling or are helping soldiers recover from PTSD, the last issue you want to face is complicated invoicing.

This is why FreshBooks has a psychologist invoice template at your disposal. It’s free to use and easy to customize. The template also comes in several different file types so downloading and using it is simple.

Find out why psychologists in the United States, UK and all over the world use the templates from FreshBooks for their invoicing. Keep reading to learn how to add them to your own toolkit of business assets.

Available in .DOC, .XLS, or .PDF., Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Download the Psychologist Invoice Template

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Psychologist Invoice Template

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Create professional-looking invoices that get you paid and provide all the details clients need to submit health insurance claims. Download the free psychologist invoice template and start creating custom invoices.

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What Is a Psychologist Invoice Used For?

Psychology is a complex field with several different types of work. Even if you’re helping clients who suffer from one condition, there might be several different styles of treatment that you’ll need to try to see what works.

With that being said it’s important to understand that FreshBooks’ psychotherapy invoice template is flexible enough to be used for anything you might encounter––no matter the type, client or style.

You get to customize, brand and fill out a psychotherapy invoice that’s personalized to suit any client you might encounter.

Here are some of the added benefits of using the psychologist invoice:

  • You can easily bill a client with just a few moments of your time, and receive payment just as quickly
  • Keep it on file so you can reference it & update it should the client have any questions or changes come up in the agreement
  • You can also keep it on file as a reference in case something comes up down the road
  • Have it available for when it’s time to file taxes
  • Fully customized so it’s suited to your brand and your clients

Ready to get started?

How to Create a Psychologist Invoice

Have you ever tried to create an invoice from scratch on your own? It’s difficult. Getting it to look professional and branded, knowing what to include, what not to include. You can avoid that and just download your free psychologist template instead.

The following instructions make it easier than ever to use so you can get paid quickly when the job’s done:

  1. First, customize your branding. Add your logo, font type, colors and anything else that’s specific to your brand to make sure the invoice looks like your own.
  2. The next step is to plug in your business information. Your name, business name address and anything else you find pertinent.
  3. Next list any services rendered. You can also take this moment to fill in the descriptions. This adds clarity for the client and records for you.
  4. Now add the patron’s name to the invoice
  5. Calculate the total due and add it
  6. Next, specify the payment methods you accept from your clients
  7. And add any special notes in the “notes” field.
  8. Save

When you finish up the 8 steps your therapy invoice will be ready to go. Just customize your branding, add the itemized details and forward to your clients for payment.

Invoice Types for Psychologists

There are several types of therapy, which means there are several types of invoices.

When you work in a complicated field, dealing with complicated cases and clients, it’s important that your invoice is just as flexible to match. FreshBooks ensures this by making sure you have several different invoice types for psychologists.

The types of psychologist invoices include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Behavior Therapy
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Geriatric Psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Social/Personality Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Mental Health

These are just some of the popular fields of psychology and invoice templates you can use through FreshBooks. The psychotherapy invoice template is flexible enough to fulfill any type of invoicing or work you need.

If your work is more in the field of psychiatry, you might want to check the medical invoice templates for help with invoicing medical diagnoses and medication. Either way, FreshBooks has you covered.

Download Free Templates

Download a Psychologist Template for Free

Your clients come to you to heal their problems or help them heal their own. You listen to them, guide them through their issues and help them come out triumphant.

This already takes up too much mental space and energy to put more into a faulty invoicing system. You deserve to know that you can easily bill your clients and receive the funds you earned in a simplistic manner.

You deserve to feel secure in the invoices you send.

If you download the FreshBooks psychologist Invoice template now, you’ll never have to worry about making sure the payment process is smooth and easy for all parties involved.

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