Understanding Office Paper Usage

December 6, 2006

There it is…our office paper. Last year we went through two boxes like this one. 5000 sheets each. 50 lbs each in weight.

I’m weighing our office paper because we are going to be offsetting our paper usage as part of our green initiative. In a nutshell there are organizations like Zerofootprint that will help you calculate the environmental impact your paper use has on the environment: trees used, pollution created, water used. Then, for a small fee, they will plant trees to offset your impact.

I will follow up shortly with the details of FreshBooks’ 2006 offsetting (total paper, cost to offset and other considerations) so you can follow along at home. The first step is to record (in weight) your paper use…as you can see I’m doing that…and for those who are wondering, I did weigh the paper on the scale AND I weighed it as a differential between my weight while on the scale with the box in my arms, and my weight without the box. 50 lbs both ways.

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