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6 Best Checklist Apps to Help You Stay Organized

6 Best Checklist Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Everyone works differently, but some people use to-do lists to help with daily tasks. It helps them organize their tasks and responsibilities and know exactly what needs to get done. They might even use the classic pen and paper method to create their lists.

But doing it that way can be time-consuming and it can lead to things getting missed. That’s where a checklist app or to-do list app with powerful features can come in handy, especially for remote teams. Keeping track of your tasks is a personal thing and you want to do it the way that works best for you. So your to-do lists don’t have to be complicated with mobile apps.

Let’s take a look at the best checklist apps for you to use.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What Makes a Great Checklist App?

The 6 Best Checklist Apps

Key Takeaways

What Makes a Great Checklist App?

Everyone is going to create their lists a little differently and some apps offer additional features compared to others. So it’s important to try and find one that has the features and benefits that suit your needs best.

Here are a few of the things that the best daily checklist apps do.

  • They make it fast and easy to organize your tasks. You can usually add a task and categorize upcoming tasks in just a few keystrokes or taps.
  • They offer many different ways to organize your tasks. You can keep track of tasks with tags, projects, task lists and due dates. They offer different task views and task management for whatever works best with your organizational style.
  • They give your reminders for deadlines. You can set up notifications that let you know when a task needs to get completed.
  • They offer a simple user interface. This means that they are well-designed and fit perfectly into your workflow, even for complex projects. The result is getting back to and staying on top of the tasks you’re meant to be completing.
  • They can sync between all your platforms. You might also use other platforms for other reasons, and the best checklist apps can sync and integrate with them for list sharing.

The 6 Best Checklist Apps

Here is a breakdown of the best checklist apps that can help you stay productive and efficient in your workflow.


One of the main benefits of Todoist is that the app balances simplicity with power, and it does it while running on several other platforms. You can add a list of tasks quickly and move them to their relevant projects and you can set due dates for specific tasks. Plus, you can create custom filters and labels to help stay as organized as possible.

The app is incredibly flexible and can adapt to most types of workflows. You can also integrate it with Zapier, which allows you to create tasks within Todoist when something happens in another app.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do has a very friendly and clean interface that makes adding tasks quick and easy. The app has a ton of flexibility and it’s also able to get integrated with all of Microsoft's other apps. This means that you can sync tasks from Outlook to Microsoft To Do.

It’s easy to use, as you can add tasks using Cortana or simply by typing into the Start menu. So, if you start to type “add staples to my business list,” staples will then get added to a list labelled business.


Do you want a ton of different features and not feel overwhelmed? Things could be that option. The app has a broad range of features that are available and it’s easy to use. You can add tasks quickly and organize them however you like, there almost isn’t a limit to the different ways.

As well, you can create a project that contains tasks or headers, and you can even create sub-tasks where needed. The app lets you integrate with your calendar so you can stay up-to-date on your day. It also has intuitive keyboard shortcuts and the ability to sync with both an iPhone and an iPad app.


When it comes to being flexible, OmniChoice might be the leader. The app was built around the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy that was trademarked by David Allen. It has a ton of features and it can be used for multiple organization's systems.

The number of features that OmniFocus offers means that you can organize all your tasks in any way that you want. You can only sync between Apple devices, so if you’re an Android user it won’t work for you.

You can also integrate the app with Zapier. So, if you want to keep track of something that’s in another app, Zapier can automatically send it to the OmniFocus app.


TickTick uses natural language processing so you can quickly add tasks to your to-do list. It has a universal keyboard shortcut that you can use with the desktop version that makes it even quicker to add tasks. You can then organize everything using due dates, tags or lists.

The app also offers the ability to add sub-tasks to tasks you have already created, which can help you stay organized. The built-in Pomodoro timer lets you start a 25-minute work session for any task. Plus you can integrate the app with third-party calendars to see all your appointments and tasks in one place.

The TickTick app also includes a built-in habit-tracking tool. This tool works in a way that lets you track the days you stick to your commitments.

Google Tasks

A basic yet structured checklist app, Google Tasks lets you add tasks quickly but doesn’t provide a ton of other organizational features. You can add sub-tasks, due dates and lists to your tasks but not a whole lot of other things.

The mobile application makes it easy for you to access your to-do lists wherever you are. And if you already use Gmail regularly then it can be even handier for you to use. Plus, you can integrate with Zapier to stay up-to-date on information from other apps you’re using, like Google Drive or Google Calendar

Key Takeaways

Have you always used pen and paper to create your to-do lists in the past? What do you do with all of them when you complete your tasks? Do they get recycled or do they end up piling up on the corner of your desk?

They might even get stuffed all over the place. The point is that if you’re still using pen and paper to create your checklists it might be time to look into an app. And the good news is there are tons of options out there for you to choose from.

Several apps offer similar functionality, but there are certain things that some apps do that could make them a better choice. Look for one that’s easy and fast to organize your tasks and offers different ways to categorize them.

Some of the best apps also provide the option to set task reminders or due dates for basic tasks in your checklist and they have a clean user interface. Take a look through the list of checklist apps outlined above to see if one will suit your needs best.

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