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Meet The FreshBooks Team



Executive Team

Mike McDerment

Chair of The Board and Co-Founder
Mike is the co-founder of FreshBooks, the #1 accounting software in the cloud, designed exclusively for freelancers and growing service-based business owners. Built-in 2003 after he accidentally saved over an invoice, Mike spent 3.5 years growing FreshBooks from his parents’ basement. Since then, over 30 million people have used FreshBooks to save time billing, and collect billions of dollars. A lover of the outdoors, Mike has been bitten so many times it’s rumoured he’s the first human to have developed immunity to mosquitoes.

Don Epperson

Don has over 20 years experience as CEO or Executive Chairman, co-founding companies such as HookMedia,, and He’s also helped scale companies like ispDigital, and Integral Ad Science and operated Havas Media (a large scale global company with a network of thousands of employees across 140 countries). Outside the office, Don is very involved with – a global charitable organization that focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations by building schools in impoverished countries.

Mark Girvan

Chief Commercial Officer
Mark is a general management executive with a track record of delivering significant growth in new business markets. He prides himself on being a results-oriented leader who focuses on operational excellence through developing teams and motivating change across functional groups. At FreshBooks, Mark leads the efforts to grow our community of loyal micro-business customers.

Michael Washinushi

Chief Financial Officer
Consummate finance guy at work and home. I enjoy building back of the napkin financial models or spreadsheets on everything. Life outside of excel consists of a family with a great wife and two energetic kids, travel, cycling, skiing and jogging. Striving towards objectives, teamwork, having fun and lots of informal/formal communication is part of my daily regimen.

Mara Reiff

Chief Data Officer
As Chief Data Officer at FreshBooks, Mara Reiff is transforming the way FreshBooks acts on data and insights. Previously an executive in the telecommunications industry, Mara brings an edge to the team with her background in Business Intelligence and Customer Excellence. One of IBM’s Global Women Leaders in AI, Mara holds an engineering degree with a specialization in Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering, as well as an MBA. When she’s not wrangling data, she’s cooking up culinary masterpieces with her two kids.

Paul Cowan

Chief Marketing Officer
Paul has marketed phones, food, booze, toys, and SaaS products over the years at both big companies and start-ups. He likes results, and he’s even won a few awards that are sitting on a shelf somewhere. More importantly, he’s written entries for various publications that his mom is extremely proud of. Outside of work, Paul likes to be outside of work—building things at his cabin or sliding down the sides of mountains.

Sue DiPoce

Chief People Officer
Sue joins FreshBooks with many years as a “People Executive” working in the technology industry. She is a trusted member of the executive team, a results driven, dynamic business operations and senior human resources leader, with a unique blend of human resources and operations expertise. Her strong business acumen, strategic thought, intuitive leadership, flawless execution, engaging communication, technology advocacy have earned her a reputation as "an agent of change" and strong "influencer" both at the leadership table and throughout the organization.

Oliver Fisher

Senior VP, Engineering
Oliver leads the FreshBooks technical organization that turns dreams into reality. His mission is to help develop a world-class engineering organization building an industry-leading product. In previous lives, Oliver spent time at Microsoft, Google and Shopify. Outside of FreshBooks, you’ll find Oliver with his partner and their three kids, reading (sci-fi and British crime), listening to trance or deep house, skiing or playing video games. Or, some combination of the above. Oliver’s pronouns are he, him and his.

Adam Bates

Senior VP, Product
Adam has built a career around envisioning and creating experiences that transform how we live and work, including stops at Amazon, Paychex, Topspin Media, and Musicmatch. In his happy place building and inspiring high-velocity teams that champion customer insight, continuous innovation, and high standards. Also in his happy place strapping a board to his feet in high snowy places, A/B testing craft cocktail recipes on his wife and friends, and trying desperately to finish the ‘summer’ treehouse project for his daughter.

Matthew Baker

Senior VP, Strategic Planning
Once referred to as “Matty Fresh,” Matt is a reformed management consultant and a Xoogler. Matt joined FreshBooks to help build a strategy function from the ground up. He’s a calming influence on others, a natural team builder, and drawn to root cause problem-solving. In addition to general sports enthusiasm, Matt is a reader of science fiction and a fan of ice cream.

Levi Cooperman

Levi is a professional engineer with a BEng from the University of Victoria. Before joining FreshBooks, Levi managed projects at Apex Systems Integrators Inc., where his clients included Canadian Tire, Nestlé, and Parmalat. Levi’s long term goals include: never losing the contest to wear shorts to the office for as long as humanly possible, someday growing back his mullet he had in the eighties and getting on the jumbotron at the Raptors game at least once a year.

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