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Introducing: Automatic Expense Import connects your bank to FreshBooks

Introducing: Automatic Expense Import

UPDATE July 3/13: Over 60 Canadian financial institutions are now supported, with Scotiabank, BMO and Royal Bank just added.

Starting today you can enable an automatic, ongoing download of your expenses directly into your FreshBooks account with Automatic Expense Import.

Once you have connected your bank accounts, any new expenses will be uploaded daily; sparing you from tedious manual entry. As a small business owner, you know that inputting expenses can take an inordinate amount of time away from a busy schedule. We wanted to make this latest addition to the cloud accounting suite of time-saving capabilities a solution that would free up more of your time from paperwork plus enable you to assess your true spend more easily.

Who can use it?

Going forward, Automatic Expense Import is included with all FreshBooks paid packages, and for a limited time it is also available to existing, free FreshBooks accounts as well. It has already been in use with over 3,000 customers since last October and is now available in North America with support for more than 9,000 US financial institutions and 61 Canadian financial institutions (note: your country must be selected in “Settings.”)

Quick one time setup for auto download

Under the existing Expenses tab, you’ll see a new sub-tab called “Bank Accounts.” Follow the simple one-time setup by clicking the button “+Add Account.”

A pop-up will appear to enter your bank’s name and then from the list, select your bank or credit card account to securely connect it to FreshBooks. Once connected, your expenses will be imported on an ongoing basis until disconnected.

Accommodates multiple accounts

You can connect any or all of your business bank accounts and credit cards to FreshBooks to get your expenses imported.

This includes any checking account, credit card or PayPal account you are using to cover the costs involved in running your small business.

Editing made effortless with deletion tool

When your bank accounts and credit cards are connected to your FreshBooks account, Automatic Expense Import fetches the last 30-90 days worth of expenses data (depending on the bank you use).

It won’t import the same expense twice but it might import an expense that you have manually entered in the past. If an existing expense is imported, FreshBooks will flag the expense and give you the option to delete the duplicate.

We hope you enjoy Automatic Expense Import. As always if you have any questions about setting this up or anything else about your account, we’d love to help! Drop us a a line at 1-866-303-6061, email us or have a look through the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • HelloD

    I’ll ask again – RBC soon? It’s the biggest bank in Canada, this is essential.

  • merylmanning

    Hi HelloD,

    Thank you so much for your e-mail.

    I know we are having some delays with a lot of our Canadian Banks. If you could e-mail me the specifics of your account, I can definitely take a look into this further :)

  • Anthony

    Westpac Bank in Australia please!!

  • Dan

    RBC in Canada PLEASE !!

  • Dan

    I should have looked into this but I just kind of assumed that as a Canadian company you guys would have RBC working with this ! :(

  • Mitchell


  • Kimberly

    CIBC and Scotiabank +1 for each please

  • Scott Riemenschneider

    Any plans to allow users to create their own rules regarding how an expense is classified? The current automatic rules for categorizing expenses doesn’t work that great for us, and we often have to track down expenses that have been automatically classified and re-classify them. Something like the custom rules you can create with Mint would save us a lot of time.

  • merylmanning

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you so much for writing in!

    I definitely think this a great idea, being able to ensure that you have more control over the categories would be hugely helpful for a lot of our clients.

    If you could send me an e-mail with some examples I can definitely look into this further for you!

  • merylmanning

    Can I get a few more specifics about your bank type. If you could e-mail me at, I will definitely look into this :)

  • Niels

    Dear Freshbooks, can you give an ETA for European bank accounts? Very excited to see Rabobank as a big European and International bank for example. I’m working with Solve360, looking forward to integrate with Freshbooks and my Netherlands Rabobank account. Any ETA? Regards, Niels

  • Julien Raby

    How about CIBC in Canada?

  • Collin Stewart

    Would love to see a list of all 60 supported financial organizations.

  • Dan O’Brien

    When will CIBC join in Canada?

  • Mitchell

    Hi Meryl,

    I sent you an email about 13 days ago.. just curious if there are any updates?

    Thank you so much,

  • Seb Szocinski

    When will Australian banks get supported?

  • Maxence

    When will you add French banks ?

  • Geoff

    CIBC please!

  • merylmanning

    Hey Dan,

    RBC should be up and running, have you tried to connect recently?

  • JaclynTanner

    Hey Geoff,

    I hear you on the CIBC front :)

    Rest assured that we are “burning the midnight oil” to expand the list of banks that customers can connect to, and CIBC is most definitely on our radar as it’s one of the Canadian “Big 5″.

    If you’d like to email me your account information, I’ll be sure to notify you as soon as CIBC is added to the list. Just drop me a quick line at

  • Lisa

    Any chance CIBC will join soon?

  • JaclynTanner

    Hi Lisa,

    If you’d like to send me an email at I can drop both you and Geoff a line once we’re able to connect with CIBC.

    Sound like a plan?

  • solidstc

    +1 Australian banks? thank you

  • Tim

    Thanks Solidstc! Please let us know in more detail here if you haven’t already do so:

  • Tanya

    RBC Chequing and Via?
    North Peace Savings & Credit Union (Fort St. John, BC)?

  • Tanya

    RBC Chequing and Visa?
    North Peace Savings & Credit Union (Fort St. John, BC)?

  • Tanya

    Is North Peace Savings & Credit Union supported?

  • Tim

    Hi Tanya! You can search for the bank you want to integrate with in your FreshBooks account. Just go to “Expenses” > “Bank Account”.

    If your bank isn’t supported, you can then click on a link provided on the same page to request it with us.

    Hope this helps!

    - Tim @ FreshBooks

  • Chris Buckley

    So when are we going to see this feature for UK banks?

  • Diane

    Hi there!

    I’ve been having issues connecting my RBC Canada business account (though I feel it’s more an issue on RBC’s end, cutting off any access because they think it’s “suspicious activity”). Any chance there’s a fix for this in the works?

    Same thing with Tangerine (formerly ING Direct). Tangerine doesn’t appear on the bank list, but when I previously tried connecting my ING business account, Freshbooks was apparently only set up for the two-step verification of personal accounts – NOT the three-step process for business accounts (first, the business client number, then the authorized individual’s client number + password, then the authorized individual’s PIN).

    Can this be fixed, please? Thank you!

  • Matthieu Helary

    Do you have bank reconciliation with french banks ?

  • Jasper Frumau

    PayPal automatic imports would be great for me!

  • Amanda

    Hey Jasper!

    Great news! You are already able to connect your PayPal account to import your expenses to FreshBooks.

    Go to the EXPENSES–>BANK ACCOUNTS tab and select the green ‘add account’ button….search for PayPal and….voila!

    Hope that helps! If you have any other questions please let us know at support[at]

    Have a great day!

  • zoenoble

    Sparkasse in Germany please!! :)

  • Jasper Frumau

    There is no bank account tab Amanda. Only a file import tab and add expenses button with a link to import expenses as a .csv . Perhaps because my business is not US based?

  • Jürgen

    South African banks, please

  • Amanda

    Hey Jasper,
    Yes you’re right- sorry about that. Our Bank Import feature is currently only available for North American based companies. I will submit a feature suggestion on your behalf. In the meantime, you can bulk import your expenses from a CSV file in the EXPENSES–>FILE IMPORT tab. It’s super quick and easy! If you run into any trouble feel free to get in touch and we can walk you through the CSV import process :)

  • Amanda

    Hey there!

    Sorry we don’t currently support automatic bank imports outside North America. I will definitely put in a feature request on your behalf. In the meantime, the CSV file import feature (found under the EXPENSES tab) is super quick and easy. Give us a shout at support[at]freshbooks[dot]com if you have any questions :)

  • Amanda

    Hey there!
    Currently our automatic bank import feature is only available for North American based businesses. I will make sure to submit your feature suggestion to them. Until then you can go to the EXPENSES–>BANK IMPORT tab and bulk import your expenses from a CSV file. Feel free to reach out if you need any help with that!

  • Brian

    Do you have a manual bank reconciliation? This is very vital for any accounting package. Otherwise Freshbooks offers a good cloud package.

  • Ignacio

    HSBC Hong Kong, please.

  • Sam Frysteen

    Is there a time frame in which Australian Banks are going to be added? In particular the ANZ Bank please? The guys over at FreeAgent have ANZ working already – I would hate to have to switch.

  • Steve Hughes

    I see no one has asked about bank feeds out of main USA/canada for a while. This would be a great feature and free agent features this. Any news on this, the comments are now 2 years old!!!

    Any progress?

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