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New: iPhone and iPad App Update

Starting today, you can download the updated FreshBooks apps for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

Track time toward shared projects

You can now track time towards projects you’ve been invited to work on. If you were using the app before and noticed a few missing projects, all of them will now appear when using the latest version of the app.

Track time towards shared projects with FreshBooks for iPhone and iPad

Build better invoices on the go

Once you download the app, you’ll be able to change invoice/estimate numbers, add PO numbers, give your clients a % discount, or edit your default terms. For those of you who generate invoices for projects on the go, you can now also choose how time entries appear on your invoices to make things look picture perfect.

Generate invoices with FreshBooks for iPhone and iPad

A smoother overall experience

Bug fixes and other tweaks (including iPhone 5/5s/5c screen size support) have been made to give you an overall improved FreshBooks experience. No more letterboxes, run your business in widescreen.

Give the update a whirl – and remember, we’re always listening and committed to improving your FreshBooks experience.

P.S – Use an Android device? Head on over to Google Play to get FreshBooks for Android; the PC Mag Editors’ Choice for Android Business Apps.

  • wesbos

    I was hoping you would fix the issue with the extremely small receipt images that I reported over a year ago.

    The images you save from the iPhone camera are way too small to read any of the details in the future. Please upload the original, full size image or at least provide an option to.

  • FreshRob

    Hey Wes,

    We hear you on that one. We’ve tried to find the happy medium between data usage and image quality, but it is a tricky balancing act. You do also have access to a high res image in your mobile device’s image gallery, which you can always upload to your account from your computer where data usage isn’t as big a concern.

    Can you email though so we can take a look at some example receipts from your account specifically?

  • David

    Multiple Timers. I’m still using the Mini-Books app and not the Freshbooks edition because I need to have multiple timers, and the ability to switch back and forth between them. Frequently I’ll have to pause one project timer to tend to another, and that is a feature that I think is sorely lacking in the Freshbooks App. Aside from that, the app is perfect. Please consider adding the multiple timer feature. I think it would be useful to a lot of other people, as well.

  • FreshRob

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the feedback, definitely very valuable, and I can totally see where you’re coming from. The mobile team is keeping a really close eye on the feedback so the right people will be seeing this! Glad to hear you enjoy the app otherwise though!

  • wesbos

    I’ve already sent in my receipts and talked with someone who promised it would be resolved about a year ago.

    Some of them are very long causing me to zoom out, thus the large image is important to get the detail.

    I don’t want to manage my receipts outside of my accounting software, thats why I use freshbooks.

    The balance is not hard, just add a setting to allow it, or only upload images when on wifi. Tons of apps already do this.

    if (wifi || settings.upload_large) { upload_size = ‘large’ };

  • Lynda

    I would like to be able to attach .xps documents to transactions in Freshbooks.

  • FreshRob

    Hi Wes,

    Can you forward the previous conversation onto me personally so I can take a look into it further? You can catch me at

  • FreshRob

    Hey Lynda,

    Thanks for the feedback! We only support PDF and image files for receipt uploads right now, but we’re always on the lookout and interested in hearing what other file formats people are using. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Emilio Escamilla

    It could be nice to manage multiple accounts.

  • FreshRob

    Hi Emilio,

    Thanks so much for the feedback. The mobile team is keeping a really close eye on the feedback, so the right people will absolutely be seeing this!

  • Ryan

    Exact same issue, still using the old app because of it as well.

  • Techgirl

    I love freshbooks, my problem is I scan my receipts into evernote and can’t link those receipts to freshbooks – any advice?

  • FreshRob

    Hi there,

    If you’re using your Evernote iOS app to scan the receipt, the image is also saved to your camera roll, so you can upload those into your FreshBooks app. There isn’t a direct integration between the two apps though.

    If your workflow is a bit more complicated than that can you shoot us an email at and we can try to work out some other ideas!

  • Ben Vinegar

    Looks sweet.

    As an aside – looks like the iPad version has more horizontal pixels than the web client. When’s that gonna change? *ducks*

  • FreshRob

    Hey Ben,

    Glad to hear you’re liking the update! As for the web client I definitely hear you on that and I’ll make sure our design team gets the feedback as well.

  • terry

    When is the w8 & wp8 versions coming, not everyone are iphone/ android fans

  • FreshRob

    Hey Terry,

    I can’t give you any kind of timeframe on that one. We definitely do have our ears to the ground though when it comes to Windows 8 and Windows Phone requests so thanks so much for the feedback!

  • Brian York

    Wish there was a Windows Phone 8 app.

  • Brian York

    Agreed. Win8 is for productivity. Ipads have always felt like a play toy. I love my Windows 8 devices. Will be getting a Surface Pro when they come out with version 3. Windows 8 will eventually bury android in market share.

  • rshok

    Hey Brian, Ramin from FreshBooks here. Thanks for the feedback and we totally hear you and other customers who want a FreshBooks app experience on Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry 10. I can’t make any promises on timelines on when an app would be available but I have added your vote for the platform.

  • Brian York

    You should probably get one before a competitor beats you to it then you are playing catchup. Don’t think of Windows as 3rd place when it comes to tablets and phones. They may be now won’t be for long.

  • pukoh


  • Brian York

    Did you have something intelligent to add to the conversation? If you are laughing at the android comment, it is such a fractured OS that is fraught with security issues and each device manufacturer makes their own spin on it and requires frequent killing of apps or restarting the phone. Plus it is a nightmare for app developers making Android apps that work for every device perfectly from what I hear. There is never upgrades to new Android versions for most devices. You just get what came on it unlike iOS and Win8(intends to do). Also if you look at the # of android devices vs web traffic use iOS beats android by 6-7x the amount of traffic per device. Clearly people don’t use them as much or are not happy with them. Google also has their hands in too many places not really putting 100% in anything.

  • pukoh

    yes android is fractured, but by the time microsoft catches up, one can hope google will have it’s s* together.

    With the pace freshbook innovates (glacial), i’d rather see them concentrate on the major platforms rather then spend time on a WIN8 app for what must be a minuscule of users.

  • Brian York

    Google has too many pet projects to get it together, plus Samsung and other device manufacturers are pretty set on the mods that Android allows to create their branded/unique phones and tablets. Removing the ability to do that would help but would remove the incentive that device manufacturers have to use android .. aside from its free. I’m for one glad to be away from Android … finally a phone that just works, the Lumia1020.

    I would agree Freshbooks promised new features often when I first signed up and not much seems to had changed in two years. I wish they would put in a real double entry accounting system .. “cloud accounting” right. But thats a pipe dream it seems so I’m stuck paying for Freshbooks and Kashoo (of whom keep jacking their price up) Part of me wishes I had of stuck with Quickbooks at this point as its costing me 3x the price of Quickbooks.

  • Orlenka

    Hey Freshbooks,

    you’ve done a nice update. As some other users, I’m too expecting/waiting for a windows phone 8 application.

    Thanks for your hard work ;)

  • rshok

    Hi there Orlenka!

    Thanks for the kind words and we hear ya on being on more platforms. If/when we do decide to build apps for platforms outside of iOS and Android, we will let you know and it will also be here on the blog.

    Hope you are having a great Thursday!

  • rshok

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for sharing your insights on how you see the mobile marketplace, it is definitely an exciting place that is constantly evolving and I hear that Lumia phone is pretty awesome with its giant camera.

    As a rule at FreshBooks, we never make promises on features or share our roadmap (our CEO Mike wrote about it once:

    The product team is working really hard to add more exciting features and we recently announced that we are working on journal entry exports ( which will help with some small business owners need for double entry accounting. Keep an eye on the blog for more upcoming announcements that will hopefully help you run your business


  • Suzannah

    I’m a big fan of FreshBooks & am happy to be able to use the app to do some of my work on the go. I would love to be able to create or edit recurring profiles from the app. Will this functionality be coming down the road? Thanks!

  • TheFoodStorks

    Freshbooks was perfect for my business, but I only have one request and that’s to add social network links to the outbound emails when you send an invoice. We can go under settings and add our social accounts, and then the icon links appear in the email and on the electronic invoice.

  • rshok

    Hi TheFoodStorks!

    Ramin from FreshBooks here. I can see how something like that would help you grow your following and hopefully increase future sales. I have gone ahead and sent a feature request to the team for you so they know exactly what you want to see in the product.

  • rshok

    Hi there Suzannah,

    Hope you are having a great Thursday and thanks for being a fan! Some other businesses have asked about adding recurring profiles on the go and we are keeping our eyes open to see if its becoming a larger need for people on the go. I can’t make any promises on a timeline but I can ensure that we will consider this for future updates.

    Have a great Thursday!

  • Michael

    Hi Rob, we all have the exact same issue here! Being limited to a single timer is a PRODUCTIVITY KILLER. Multiple timers is needed in so many industries. We had contacted the Freshbooks customer support who then in turn forwarded the detailed request to the development team almost a year ago.

  • David

    4 users have reported on the App store that the update (v1.3) brakes the app on their iPhones. Has this been addressed? My business heavily depends on this app.

  • rshok

    Hi there David,

    We are still trying to reproduce the problem those customers experienced. It isn’t happening to everybody and we haven’t been able to reproduce it with our test devices. For those impacted by this issue, uninstalling and reinstalling the app has resolved it but we are still trying to get to the bottom of this.


  • Brian York

    None of the links you posted seem to work. Tried 4 days ago and just now same error .. No page found

  • zarul

    hurm …

  • rshok

    Strange, seems like adding a parenthesis broke the link. Try them out now and see if they work

  • Mike

    Nice update.

  • TJ

    One thing I would like to request is a pass lock option on the app as I need my business invoicing to be secure.

  • rshok

    Hi there TJ,

    Ramin from FreshBooks here. Hope you are having a great week and thanks for your feedback.

    The team believe there are better and more secure ways of protecting your device and its data. In fact, a team member wrote about the trust cost of adding a feature like a pass lock and other things customers can do to protect their data:

    One option not mentioned in that blog post is the option to remote wipe your device if it gets stolen. If you use iCloud or Google Apps Enterprise/Exchange, you can trigger a remote wipe which will also remove any FreshBooks data saved locally on the device (the data will still be accessible via the web app)

    Let me know if you have any questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can


  • Christian Newman

    I would not be concerned about the data usage at all. Having a legible receipt image is far more important.

  • FreshRob

    Hi Christian,

    Definitely fair and thanks for letting us know. It’s still a discussion internally so the feedback is very useful!


  • Stoya

    FreshRob, Any news on Multiple timers?

  • FreshRob

    Hi Stoya,

    Not right now and we generally don’t talk about what we’re working on publicly before it is released. Can you shoot me an email though and I’ll make sure your email is attached to the feature request. That way if there is any news you’ll be the first to know!

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