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New: Invoice forwarding for clients

by Casey McKinnon | June 2/2011 | invoice-autobiography, invoice-forwarding, painless-billing

Ever had a client delay payment because your invoice isn’t reaching their finance department or accountant? Now your clients can use a simple forward button right on your FreshBooks invoices that lets them send your invoice easily to others, most importantly, to someone with the power to pay you.

Invoice - Forward Basically, once your client opens your invoice, they can click “Forward” at the top to share it. They then simply add in the email address and the new recipient will be instantly emailed a link to view the invoice. This also shares the same account information the original recipient would see, including previous invoices, estimates and account statements. Invoice Forward Better yet, since your clients will be forwarding yours invoices within FreshBooks, details about who is receiving and viewing the invoice is captured by the invoice autobiography (the stream of activity listed directly below any invoice in your account). Say goodbye to wondering if your invoice ever made it to Shirley in Finance, you’ll know as soon as she sees it. Also, the secondary recipient gets added as a contact under the Client profile in your account instantly (just in case you want to send the invoice directly to them next time to get paid faster).

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