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New: send account statements to clients

by Jessamyn Smith | September 2/2009 | account-statements, new-feature

Did you know that FreshBooks has Account Statements? Our account statements show your clients their invoice and payment history, plus their overall account balance. They are a handy tool for giving you and your client an overview of their account. Many of you have been using account statements for years, and starting today, we’re pleased to announce you can e-mail Account Statements directly to your clients.

Sending account statements is simple and quick, and we’ve made it easy to add a note along with your email.

To send an Account Statement to any of your clients follow these steps:

1. On the List of clients page, click the name of the client.

**2.** Click the “Account Statement” link under Quick Links on the right hand side. **3.** Click the “Send Account Statement” button. **4.** You will see a popup that allows you to customize the message and recipients. Once you click send, the client will receive an email with a direct link to their account statement. It’s that easy! We hope you enjoy this recent addition, and as always, we’d love your feedback.

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