• http://erikreagan.com Erik Reagan

    I was just thinking about this type of feature last week. Great to see it added after I thought about it. Did you bug my office?


  • Angel Torres

    Great feature!! Zoho.com has the same feature…what about incremental billing after a deposit to start…

    angel Torres

  • http://resqtech.net Aron Bert

    This is awesome! It would be great to be able to set a trigger date to have these sent automatically as well.

  • http://laughingsquid.com Scott Beale

    Bravo, you guys rock! That exactly the kind of thing we need.

  • http://pixelsandpress.com Jason

    I agree with Angel, incremental billing after deposit would be GREAT! Love the new feature as well.

  • http://www.sustainablewebsites.com Ivan Storck

    It would be nice to snail mail account statements or email PDF’s. I find that the automated messages either get caught by spam filters or clients think that they are spam.

  • http://www.nomorepaper.ca Garrett

    Should be able to send account statements to multiple clients directly from the List of Clients page.

  • http://www.piranhadvertising.com Laurent Desmarais

    It is a very nice feature. I just think that it should include from which month to which month. As for the moment it is showing everything for the past few months. Or an option that can show only the unpaid invoices.

  • Joe

    Handy. I would recommend some sort of easy option to say “send statement from when account last had a $0 balance” so it only shows what is really relevant. Obviously showing everything is good, and being able to specify a date range would be nice too.

  • http://www.PerfectPCServices.com Steve Baldwin

    Finally…now only one last thing we need desperately…add an option to include the total account balance at the bottom of each invoice sent to an acount.

  • http://www.cherryreddesign.com/ Steve Haworth

    I agree with some of the points above – specifically, a feature whereby we could create a filter for client accounts and have statements sent to clients automatically, according to that filter. Filtering by account balance, open items only, select all or only some clients.

    Given the functionality that already exists, this shouldn’t be too far a stretch should it?

    Great to see that the system is being continually enhanced. Keep it up!

  • http://www.tomrogerswebdesign.com Tom Rogers

    Great to have!
    Can you elaborate about the message part of the email? It’s confusing, as it says: To access your Account Statement from Tom Rogers Web Design, go to:
    And it’s left blank. Although below the box, there is a code to view which says “https://tomrogers.freshbooks.com/view/YourUniqueCodeHere”

    Thanks in advance. Tom

  • http://www.corephp.com Michael Pignataro

    Talking about elaborate the message part. Is there a way we can customize it so we can create our message and it will fill in the info for us when we go to that certain account. Love this feature by the way. Really going to help alot. Cant wait to see this feature grow!!



  • Jessamyn Smith

    Hi Tom,

    The text below the box (link and signature) will be included in your email.

    Hope that helps clarify!


  • http://www.isonic.net.au Matt Jackson

    Awesome stuff! Would be cool to send out statements on a regular basis. But only if they have active invoices attached to them. So, come the start of each month they get an email with their current balance. :)

    Good work none the less! 😀

  • Corey

    I am just confused on why this is different than creating an invoice and hitting send as email?

    Am I missing something or does this do the same exact thing?

  • Matt

    Pretty cool. It would be even cooler if this was sent automatically at a given date. And the feature I have waited for such a long time is if you could choose a specific date range of the statement, as opposed the the entire history of the clients account. This is not only pointless, but extremely confusing! i.e. on a 30 day account basis.

  • Oscar De La Fuente

    I would like have my statement

  • Oscar De La Fuente

    I want to have my statement account

  • http://www.ShoppingTrader.com Brad

    Thank you for Statements feature. Yes I strongly agree until the filters (including no invoices with $0 balances) & auto trigger feature is implemented, this new feature is basically pointless! Why? Its far too confusing for customers to understand!

    Also has Freshbooks should take into account that not all of us bill 30days? We run 7 day accounts in two currencies AUS & US $$$.

  • Blair Warner

    I agree with Angel Torres above : Great feature!! Zoho.com has the same feature…what about incremental billing after a deposit to start…

  • http://www.nextsteph.com/stephblog Stephanie M. Cockerl

    The timing of this feature was spot on. Someone just asked me for a balance and I was able to send it off in 1, 2, 3.

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#jessamyn Jessamyn Smith

    Hi Corey,

    This feature is quite different from sending an invoice. An invoice is a list of items/services with the total due for that list. The account statement shows the customer their list of invoices and payments, with their overall account balance.


  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#jessamyn Jessamyn Smith

    Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

    After going through the list, it looks like the most popular account statement feature requests are:
    – set up customized email for account statements, including variables and a trigger date for sending
    – specify options for statement, e.g. date range and whether to include invoices with $0 balance
    – send account statements to multiple clients from list page
    – snail mail account statements

    I will pass all these suggestions on to the development team for consideration.

    Could one of the people who requested incremental billing after a deposit elaborate on what exactly this feature would do? A use case would be very helpful.


  • http://www.amal.net Amal

    How about a “send statements” button I can press that will go through all clients, round up any with past due invoices over X days (configurable), and send them all out for me… rather than me having to dive into each client to individually send statements? Maybe this already exists and I’m blind, but I don’t think so.

  • http://hoskindiamond.com.au Nic Hoskin

    Yes, some way of automating statements would be great, i currently have to open 200 clients pages individually, click the account statement button & send, and this is EVERY MONTH! If it did this automatically on a set date, i would be the happiest person on earth, and would stop wearing out my mouse button so quick :)

  • vpremodel

    I agree with this!
    – specify options for statement, e.g. date range and whether to include invoices with $0 balance


  • http://www.compfix.ie Mark Kenny

    Automation of statements would be a great feature. At the end of each month, each outstanding account would get a statement sent without any interaction from the user.

    Even a button on the clients list page where you could tick a box of all clients you want to send a statement too would be good enough.

    Having to currently go in to each account is a waste of my time.

  • Heather

    I know this was posted 5 years ago, but was just wondering whether there are still plans to add an automatic statement sending feature? This would be incredibly useful, but I can’t see that this has been added. Unless I’ve missed it?