Version 4.1 to be released tomorrow

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, October 24, 2007), we are releasing FreshBooks version 4.1.

Please expect a short period of downtime between 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM EDT (NOTE: this is 1:00am in LA, 4:00am in NYC, 9:00am in London, 4:00pm in Hong Kong, and 5:00pm in Melbourne).

We sent a detailed email out about this and other FreshBooks news this morning. If you didn’t receive it, you can go here to view it online.

Version 4.1 includes a number of infrastructure changes in our back-end architecture as well as some small tweaks, but the most noticeable changes will be part of the next version (Version 4.2) scheduled to be released before the end of this year.

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  • brian

    404 Error: File Not Found

    Sorry, the page your are looking for cannot be found. It has likely been moved or renamed.

  • Daniel

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for letting us know about the broken link in the post. This was a minor hiccup from our infrastructure upgrade this morning, and it has now been fixed. Thanks for letting us know.