Find It Fast: Advanced Search for Expenses

Looking for an expense from 2 months ago, or 20 clients ago? Find it faster using FreshBooks' Advanced Search feature, now available for expenses.

advanced search expenses

You’re probably already familiar with the ways to track expenses on FreshBooks today:

  • You can enter them individually in your account
  • You can import them automatically from your bank
  • And you can even take a photo of a receipt on-the-go

But when it comes to tracking down a specific expense you recorded a few weeks or months ago, it can be frustrating having to scroll through pages of entries to get to the one you need.

So we wanted to build a better experience for you. Which is why we’re excited to announce Advanced Search for Expenses. It’s a powerful way to filter expenses by Category, Vendor, Status, Bank Account, Date, or Keywords instead of having to manually scan through entries.

What Is Advanced Search for Expenses?

As your business grows, so does the number of expenses you track. And when you need to find a particular expense from 3 months ago for tax time, or when you want to see how much you’ve rebilled for a certain expense in the past – it can be increasingly hard to find a specific entry. Advanced Search for Expenses gives you the tools you need to find expenses faster and easier.

It works just the way you want it to: Quickly filter your search results by…

  • Using Keywords, e.g. “painter’s tape” or “dog treats”
  • Searching by Vendor, e.g. “Pete’s Pet Supplies”
  • Checking its Status, e.g. “Billable” or “Non-Billable”
  • Setting a Date Range, e.g. “Last 7 Days” or “Last Year”
  • Filtering by Category, e.g. “Hardware” or “Equipment”
  • Or picking a specific Bank Account

The best part? You can use a combination of filters to narrow the search results and track down an expense, even when you don’t know all the details. So you can find that one expense you have in your mind’s eye in no time.

advanced search expenses

BONUS TIP: Find yourself conducting the same search again and again? No problem. You can actually “save” your advanced search settings as a bookmark in your browser. We’ve embedded your search terms into the URL so as long as you save that bookmark, you can simply launch the URL and your settings will work.

How Can I Get Started With Advanced Search for Expenses?

There’s nothing to do: it’s already in your account waiting for you! You’ll find the new Advanced Search widget beside the search field by your list of expenses. It’s been seamlessly integrated into the page, so that you can find what you’re looking for all in one place.

advanced search expenses

And that’s it! Advanced Search for Expenses will save you from scrolling through pages and pages of expenses, leaving you more time to focus on the work that gets you paid.

If You Need Us, We’re Here

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