FreshBooks Estimates: Save Time (& Headaches) by Getting Buy-In Up Front

Starting a new project with a client is exciting. You had a great meeting and you’re certain you know exactly what they expect from you, so you get straight to work.

Then, weeks into the work, you connect with your client and it turns out they were expecting something completely different.

Avoid this panic-inducing situation with FreshBooks’ new Estimates feature.

Now, Estimates Ensure You and Your Client Are Aligned Before a Project Starts

With Estimates, you can send your clients a breakdown of the work you plan on doing, how long you think it will take and how much you think it will cost.

Then, your clients have the ability to accept the Estimate so you can be rest-assured you’re both on the same page before starting the work. *Cue sigh of relief*.

How Estimates Work

Click the Estimates button on the left sidebar of your FreshBooks account.


From here, you can manage all of your Estimates—create new ones, edit existing ones or even convert accepted Estimates directly to an invoice.


When you’re creating a new estimate or editing an existing one, you’ll notice it looks very similar to creating an invoice.


When you send your client their Estimate, they’ll have the option to accept it. This signals to you that they are agreeing to the work and price you’ve outlined and that it’s time to get started.

Plus, when the work has been completed you can convert the Estimate to an invoice so you don’t have to re-enter any of the important details.

Ready to Get Started?

So remember: Send your clients an Estimate before you start to work on your next project. This way, you can rest easy knowing you’re both on the same page and save a lot of time down the road.

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