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December 12, 2007

Greetings, fearless reader!

In today’s post we’re highlighting friends of FreshBooks, whose stories we’ve gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe. If you track expenses, design websites or charge for your services — or simply enjoy riveting blog posts — then read on, I say!

Spotlight on FreshBooks integrators

The FreshBooks API lets the outside world interact with FreshBooks in computer-speak, instead of using our dandy web interface.

What’s the big deal? Well, it means enterprising developers can build anything — from a little widget to an entire application — that works with FreshBooks. You can automate your processes, integrate with your website… forgive the cliché, but the possibilities are endless. In technical terms, it’s really neat stuff!

Talented 18-year-old Nebraska college student Cory Becker is putting himself through school building custom integrations for fellow FreshBooks users through his company, Becker Web Solutions. Fun fact: his high school graduation gift was his own LLC! We’ve seen his work first-hand, and it’s excellent; Cory’s a real pro, and we’re proud to have him working on our platform.

And be sure to check out Xpenser, a brand new expense-tracking utility that works from anywhere and integrates with FreshBooks. A recent made-up study showed 100% of people have trouble keeping track of their expenses; Xpenser makes it easy by allowing you to record your expenses on the road via SMS, instant messaging, e-mail — even with a quick phone call! And when it’s time to collect, Xpenser can instantly export the details to a FreshBooks invoice. It’s a fantastic app.

For more information, read the full press release highlighting these two stories. You can also nab it in handy PDF form.

Value-based billing: another user’s perspective

FreshBooks user Eric Marden shares an excellent piece on value-based billing. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember we discussed this topic a couple months ago while highlighting how FreshBooks users get paid faster.

Eric offers some excellent advice on how to handle the financial side of your client relationships.

No one likes to wake up with a bill under their door, so quit hitting your clients with invoices like the hotel ninjas. Talk about any upcoming invoices, before they are sent, so that your clients know what to expect. Once they are expecting the bill — they will start to get themselves ready to pay it.

Great stuff, Eric! Be sure to read the full article at Xentek.net.

Thank you, thank you

Finally, we don’t like to spend time puffing out our chest on our blog. But when the community recognizes us, it’s only right to recognize them right back.

In that spirit, we send a hearty thanks to small biz blog feed growth! for recently featuring us as their “growth idea” of the day; and offer our gratitude to brand new design gallery CSSFirst for honouring our website as one of their very first featured designs. Keep up the solid work!

That’s all, folks

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday season thus far. Remember, if you need anything at all, we’re just a ring or two away at 1-866-303-6061.

Drive safe!

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