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10 Best Proposal Software for 2024 in Canada

Proposal Software

A succinct, accurate, and interesting proposal is imperative in providing prospective clients with the details they need to make an informed decision. By utilizing proposal software technology like FreshBooks, you can send detailed estimates with rich text content, images, and attachments, helping to organize and streamline your business practices while keeping clients happy as you collaborate. 

Learn more about the different types of proposal management software options below.

Table of Contents

Here are the top proposal software solutions of 2024 so you can find the right proposal software for your needs. Some Canadian prices are approximate and subject to currency fluctuations.

estimates that boost first impressions

1. FreshBooks


Designed to save time and make project management easier for everybody involved, FreshBooks is the best proposal management software. This proposal software allows you to demonstrate your value as you give clients all the details they need, with images and attachments in a customized, professional document that communicates all important information in an organized, concise manner.

For added convenience, build branded proposals on your mobile device, check the status online, allow clients to comment in-app, approve the proposal online, and make it official using e-signatures. FreshBooks also offers:

  • Estimate Software – create and send an approximate outline of services or products for client approval before beginning the work, then convert your estimate into an invoice once the job is complete
  • Client Management Software – collaborate, communicate, track client relationships, and generate powerful reports that give you all the information you need for customer relationship management


Try FreshBooks for free, or you can join the Lite plan for $22 CAD per month, the Plus plan for $35 CAD per month, or the Premium plan for $60 CAD per month. There is also a customizable Select plan available.

2. PandaDoc


PandaDoc business proposal software is best known for making it easy to work within premade templates, build contracts, get client signatures, create proposals seamlessly, and automate the process for a more efficient workflow.


PandaDoc proposal management software tools are limited as far as customization goes, and it can be frustrating to try and import certain document format types. Some customers have reported having difficulties with integrating online payment processes as well.


The Essentials plan costs $19 USD (approximately $26 CAD), the Business plan costs $49 USD (approximately $68 CAD), or you can work with PandaDoc to customize your plan with the Enterprise package.

PandaDoc is priced in USD, so the above dollar amounts converted to CAD are current estimates. All prices are per seat per month when billed annually.

3. Proposify


Proposify is a convenient proposal tool that makes it easy to incorporate your branding, create dynamic proposals, sign documents, and host meetings in an online video conference space. It can streamline workflow processes, allowing you to see which pages your prospective clients have viewed (and for how long).


The template editing options in Proposify management software could use improvement, and some users have found the controls glitchy or clunky. Others found integration into other online programs to be lacking.


The Team Plan costs $49 USD (approximately $67.50 CAD) per user per month when billed quarterly or annually, while the Business Plan can be customized to businesses with 10 or more people. Proposify is priced in USD, so the dollar conversion to CAD is a current estimate.

4. Better Proposals


Better Proposals is the best online proposal software for anyone looking for a simple drag-and-drop interface and ready-made proposal templates that are customizable and ready to save, fill in, and send. You can use this software to run reports, enable e-signatures, integrate with third-party applications, and receive email notifications when a client signs, forwards, or looks at your proposal.


The lower-priced tiers are lacking in integrations, and are quite limited in scope. Unlike other proposal software options, it does not have a mobile app at this time.


Plans are priced in USD, so the following dollar conversions to CAD are current estimates. All prices are per user per month when billed annually. The Starter tier is $13 USD ($18 CAD), the Premium tier is $21 USD ($29 CAD), and the Enterprise tier is $42 USD ($58 CAD).

5. Prospero


Prospero helps businesses create beautiful, winning proposals that impress clients. This software comes with over 100 flexible templates, proposal tracking features, and simple e-signature technology that allows clients to sign from any device. Set proposal expiry dates, provide discounts and options for your clients to choose from, and get notified by email when your client reads your proposal.


Some users have reported formatting issues and clunky features that have led to a frustrating proposal creation process.


Prospero is priced in USD, so the following dollar conversion to CAD is a current estimate. There is a free 14-day trial, and then it costs $8 USD (approximately $11 CAD) per user month when billed annually.

6. Qwilr


Qwilr proposal software streamlines the sales process using interactive proposals that notify you when a client takes action. Clients can sign, view interactive pricing options, and pay seamlessly, while businesses can track proposals at every stage. Qwilr uses document analytics, integrates easily with third-party apps, and uses AI to help create tailored proposal templates in seconds.


Users have found the template customization options limiting, and the lack of video support and certain integrations have made processes less convenient.


Qwilr is priced in USD, so the following dollar conversions to CAD are current estimates. All prices are per user per month when paid annually. There is a 14-day free trial, then paid plans start at the Business tier, which costs $35 USD ($48 CAD), and the full Enterprise plan tier is $59 USD ($81 CAD).

7. Bidsketch


Bidsketch makes the proposal writing process easier, allowing you to create attractive and personalized proposals in minutes, with faster turnaround using electronic signatures. Drop content, multimedia elements, customer details, fees, and other personalization into your online proposals, and integrate the software seamlessly with other third-party applications for a more streamlined workflow.


Established businesses may have a difficult time integrating existing data, as you cannot import old client lists or proposals. Analytics are also limited compared to other software options.


Bidsketch has a 14-day free trial. For one user, the Solo tier is $29 USD ($40 CAD) per month, up to 3 users can use the Team tier for $79 USD ($109 CAD) per month, and larger teams can use the Business tier for $149 USD ($205 CAD) per month. Bidsketch is priced in USD; the dollar conversions to CAD are current estimates.

8. Nusii


The Nusii proposal tools are designed to make creating proposals simple and uncomplicated for small businesses. It saves time while providing professional-looking sales proposal templates, a responsive notification system, and e-signature convenience. It is customizable and has plenty of integration options and convenient payment features.


The autosave feature causes difficulties with editing once a document is created, and text editing features could be more robust. Some users have also had issues contacting customer service regarding payment issues.


Nusii is priced in USD, so the following dollar conversions to CAD are current estimates. There is a 14-day free trial, then the Freelancer level for Nusii costs $29 USD ($40 CAD) per month, the Agency level costs $49 USD ($67.50 CAD) per month, and the Business level costs $129 USD ($178 CAD) per month.

9. Responsive


Responsive is flexible, quick, and responsive and is an excellent proposal management software for creating personalized proposals. It makes cross-functional team collaboration, bid automation, risk reduction, automating processes, streamlining the sales pipeline, and making data-based decisions easy.


The learning curve with Responsive proposal creation software can be intimidating at first, and some users reported difficulties with formatting when integrating other third-party applications.


Users must request a demo to receive pricing options.

10. Loopio


Using Loopio for your business proposal software needs will save you time, it is user-friendly, with a logical interface that is easy to use, and gets good results, with improved response quality that helps win more business.


It can be difficult to customize templates, and you may need to engage with customer service representatives to do so. Some users have had difficulty with the search functionality, as it will often bring up filler words or irrelevant answers rather than common phrases.


There are several levels available, including the Essentials, Plus, Advanced, and Enterprise options. Pricing for Loopio is only provided if you contact the team directly.

Proposal Management Software Comparison Table

If you are considering implementing proposal generator software into your small business, use the following table for a quick comparison guide between your top options.

CompanyBest ForStarting Price
FreshBooksBest for Small BusinessesFree Trial – Sign Up Now!
PandaDocBest for Streamlining Document CreationCA$26 (billed annually)(in US it is $19)
ProposifyBest for Customizable ProposalsCA$67.50 (billed annually)(in US it is $49)
Better ProposalsBest for Businesses Seeking User-Friendly SoftwareCA$18 (billed annually)(in US it is $13)
ProsperoBest for Creative Agencies and FreelancersCA$11 (billed annually)(in US it is $8)
QwilrBest for Designing Interactive ProposalsCA$48(billed annually)(in US it is $35)
BidsketchBest for FreelancersCA$40 (billed annually)(in US it is $29)
NusiiBest for Small TeamsCA$40 (billed annually)(in US it is $29)
ResponsiveBest for Marketing AgenciesUsers must request a demo to receive pricing options. 
LoopioBest for Enterprises And OrganizationsPricing is only provided after a consultation.

What Is Proposal Software?

Proposal writing software can streamline the process of writing sales proposals by making the proposal creation process easier. It allows sales teams to collaborate effectively and then simplifies the process of sending completed proposals to future clients.

With a well-crafted FreshBooks proposal software, you can use images, attachments, and an attractive template to outline client needs and then send your proposal to them online. FreshBooks proposals are also easily converted into invoices, and you can check proposal status and add in-app commenting, e-signatures, and approval options to get approval faster and implement a more efficient workflow.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Estimates

The following frequently asked questions will clarify more about how FreshBooks proposal management software can help you improve your next business proposal.

Can I create a proposal on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can create a proposal on your iOS or Android device using proposal management software like FreshBooks. Log into your account, tap “More,” then “Estimates.” Under the “Proposal” option, you can add the details of your proposal, then save it to your device or send it away to a client immediately.

What part of the proposal can I customize on FreshBooks?

You can customize most of the template design using FreshBooks, including themes, colours, and fonts. You can enable electronic signature capabilities and personalize all of the content of your business proposal, including the overview, timelines, scope, images, and document attachments.

What does proposal software do?

Proposal software is designed to simplify proposal writing, keep businesses organized, reduce repetitive tasks and user error, manage projects, and help businesses build professional-looking and concise proposals. FreshBooks’ custom proposals also allow images, attachments, e-signatures and more to make the process easier for both parties.

What is proposal automation software?

Proposal automation software is computer software that helps format proposals, simplifies workflow operations, and automates the proposal process. FreshBooks is the best proposal software because of its customizable templates and easy-to-use formatting that takes the guesswork out of proposal creation, management, and delivery—streamlining the process.

How do you send a proposal online?

Once you know how to create proposals, you can email them to your clients or automate the process using proposal software like FreshBooks. With FreshBooks, it’s simple for sales teams to generate custom proposals and send them to clients in minutes from a desktop computer or mobile device.

Take Your Proposals to the Next Level with FreshBooks

Not all software is created equal. The FreshBooks online proposal software is a game-changer when creating professional-looking proposals and winning clients. It is simple to use, making document customization, online commenting and e-signature capabilities available to both parties for quicker collaboration and a better overall client experience.

If you are ready to up your game, transform your proposal process, impress more clients, and implement more efficient tools into your business, try FreshBooks for free. With a 30-day free trial, experience how better proposals can create better opportunities for your company.

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About the author

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