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When the Honeymoon Is Over, It’s Time for Something Fresh

FreshBooks vs HoneyBook

Finding the right accounting software can be overwhelming. But, if you’re comparing FreshBooks against HoneyBook, it’s stupid simple: FreshBooks is accounting software that (unlike HoneyBook) does so much more than just invoicing and payments. We also have award-winning support, and FreshBooks costs less!

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Monthly Plans

Get 90% off a Lite, Plus or Premium Plan for 4 months. After the 4-month promotional period, you will be billed at full price for the plan you have selected.

Yearly Plans

The total price for a Yearly plan is billed at the time of purchase. It includes both the monthly discount outlined above, as well as an additional 10% discount for selecting a yearly plan.

Promotional offers for both monthly and yearly plans are for a limited period. New customers only. Cannot be combined with other offers. No free trial period is included when availing this promotional discount. FreshBooks reserves the right to change this offer at any time.

FreshBooks vs HoneyBook Comparison

It’s a No-Brainer

FreshBooks vs HoneyBook

Choose the accounting software that scales with your business, not leaving you with a big sticky mess.
FreshBooks actually saves you up to 500 hours a year. Check it out ⬇️

Product Comparison
Product Screenshot
Pricing (Monthly)
Starting at $19.99 CAD
Starting at $39.99 USD*
Free Trial
Free 30-Day Trial Included
Free 7-Day Trial Included
Double-Entry Accounting
Partnered With Payment Evolution
Mileage Tracking
Bills & Receipt Scanning (OCR)
Customized Chart of Accounts
Bill in Canadian Dollars
Expense Tracking
Invite Your Accountant
Unlimited Invoicing
Online Payments (Credit Cards)
Project Profitability
Proposals & Estimates
Client Communication
Adding Team Members
Business Health Reports

Only available to new subscribers via this page. See offer details.

HoneyBook vs FreshBooks

Not Just Sweet-Talk: 95% Of Small Businesses Say FreshBooks Is Easier to Use

Essential features are available in all FreshBooks plans, like invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking, online payments, and reporting.

All-In-One Business

Easy-to-use invoicing, payments, accounting, project management, and so many more features, is why over 30 million businesses in 160+ countries have used FreshBooks.

Built For Growing

From payment options to accounting reports to additional users, FreshBooks grows with your business (96% of users love the insights they get from reports and dashboards).

Neighbourly Customer

You know who picks up and never transfers you when you call FreshBooks? A real live person! FreshBooks has the best rating for customer support among all competitors at 91%.

By Canadians, For

We’re a Canadian company, and despite our growth, haven’t forgotten about our customers at home. We offer Canadian pricing and have Support Specialists on Canadian soil ready to help.

Easy-To-Use FreshBooks Features Are Built for Owners Like You

Professional Invoicing

Impress clients with professional Invoices that clearly show the work you’ve done and what it costs…then, just click send. Oh, and use automated payment reminders to nudge clients for payment.

Only available to new subscribers via this page. See offer details

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Never Miss an Expense

FreshBooks lets you snap receipt photos, forward email receipts to your account, and import expenses from your bank account. Then organize and assign them to clients. Tracking every dollar keeps you ready for tax time.

Only available to new subscribers via this page. See offer details

goodby manual expensing expenses
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Track Time to the Minute

You (and your team) work on lots of projects at once, and missing billable time can be costly. Time Tracking in FreshBooks makes it easy for teams to log time and automatically add it to invoices, so all time is accounted for.

Only available to new subscribers via this page. See offer details

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Keep Everyone on the Same Page

With a business to run and projects to manage, it’s tough to keep everyone synced up and on schedule. Projects in FreshBooks make it easy for your clients, team, and contractors to collaborate, and share files and updates…all in one place.

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Fast & Easy, for You and Your Clients

With automated online payment options, FreshBooks lets your clients pay their preferred way. Try automated recurring payments for even faster billing. When it’s this easy to pay invoices, you get paid twice as fast.

Only available to new subscribers via this page. See offer details

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Know Your Business Better

FreshBooks tracks every dollar in and out of your business so you can run reports to easily see how your business is doing. And at tax time, do it yourself or just give your accountant access to quickly find what they need. 

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Keep Tabs on Your Business Health

Simple or complex, your finances tell you how your business is doing. FreshBooks’ easy-to-use Double-Entry Accounting tools and reports show profitability, how healthy your cash flow is, and details your spending.

Only available to new subscribers via this page. See offer details

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Take FreshBooks With You…Everywhere

Stay connected to your clients and team, even on the go. Send invoices, track expenses, and check on projects all with the FreshBooks mobile app. Oh, and if you drive a lot for your business, check out Mileage Tracker.

Only available to new subscribers via this page. See offer details

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Don’t Get Stuck – Opt for FreshBooks, the Sweet Alternative to HoneyBook

HoneyBook customers can’t bill in Canadian Dollars. And when it comes to growing their business, they quickly hit a wall: There are no real accounting features in HoneyBook. But don’t take our word for it…

My interactions with the (HoneyBook) team always left me frustrated, angry, and in a foul mood that only they could seem to get me into. Even my wife trying to get me mad could not boil my blood as quickly and completely as the interactions with this team.

Capterra Logo

I felt like the app looked great and had great potential, but the clunky (HoneyBook) UI design left me frustrated. We had been using it for almost a year and still felt that something just wasn’t clicking. We ended up moving away from HoneyBook.

Capterra Logo

I thought it was going to be a product that would work with our company and help with what we needed, but when I tried to get further information, I was sent in circles and denied any help. I would highly recommend to run in another direction and find another software team to help you. This (HoneyBook) is NOT what you are looking for.

G2 Logo

Be aware that (HoneyBook) tech support is email only. The software seems buggy and not stable across platforms. The look is nice: clean, open, etc. The performance however is suspect. I’ve been on with them last night and today…over an hour….multiple login platforms, same endless loop. All without them being able to screen share. So, I screenshot, I email, I wait, they answer, I try a solution, I loop, I screenshot, they answer. Cannot, at this time, recommend it. Buggy, intermittent fails across various different platforms. Very limited tech support with email only. No screen share, no phone call ability.

G2 Logo

Award-Winning Customer Service

  • Help From Start to Finish: Our Support team is highly knowledgable and never transfers you to another department.
  • 4.8/5.0 Start Reviews: Yup, that’s our Support team approval rating across 120,000+ reviews
  • Global Support: We’ve got over 100 Support staff working across North America and Europe
Award-Winning Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

As accounting software, can FreshBooks automate my accounting tasks?

FreshBooks’ features automate most of your accounting so you can spend more time focusing on your work and your clients. Your invoices can be automatically generated and sent, expenses automatically tracked, and you can even have your payments automatically recorded, all without you lifting a finger.

Instead of wasting time labouring over manual inputs or struggling to keep track of bulky receipts, you can use the FreshBooks accounting application to safely automate your accounting.

With FreshBooks, you can rest easy knowing that your accounting struggles are behind you.

FreshBooks vs HoneyBook: When it comes to accounting software, there is no comparison.

Learn how easy FreshBooks is to use in this 30-second video.

Can FreshBooks help me migrate all of my data from HoneyBook?

The short answer is YES!

The long answer is as follows:

When setting up a FreshBooks account, you can start fresh, or transfer over existing data from any previous software like HoneyBook, QuickBooks Online, Zoho Books, or Xero. If you’re not a fan of manual entry, Clients, Expenses, and Items can be imported by you with the steps below. For Taxes, you can email us the below details and we’ll take care of it for you.

NOTE: If you choose a Select Plan, your information will be migrated for you by one of our account specialists.

Below are the types of data FreshBooks can import:

Clients: Clients can be imported using the steps here yourself.

Expenses: You can now import Expenses yourself with the steps here.

Items: Import Items using the steps outlined here.

Taxes: For Taxes, you can put together a CSV file for each type of data with the required columns below first. Then send this from your owner’s email (that matches your account) with written permission for us to upload.

Required Fields

  • Tax Name – i.e. ‘HST’
  • Percentage – i.e. ’13’ for a 13% tax

Optional Fields

  • Tax Number – Government-registered tax number

Vendors: Import Vendors using the steps outlined here.

FreshBooks vs HoneyBook: How does FreshBooks pricing compare to HoneyBook?

The 2 main differences are:

1) We bill you in Canadian Dollars (HoneyBook doesn’t)

2) We don’t charge extra for basic features. FreshBooks offers essential features on all plans:

  • Unlimited Customized Invoices
  • Unlimited Expense Entries
  • Unlimited Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Estimates

You can also check out how FreshBooks compares to other programs and details about its function as a viable alternative on our comparison page.

Can I use FreshBooks features while away from my office?

You sure can. 

Many FreshBooks customers have service-based businesses that have them constantly on the go. Not all accounting software options allow you to bring your software along with you while serving billable clients.

FreshBooks offers mobile access with iOS (iPhone Mobile) and Android Mobile apps that let you painlessly invoice your clients and track expenses wherever and whenever you need to. FreshBooks also has mileage tracking on iOS (coming soon to Android).

Now you can bring your account everywhere. It can be easily accessed from any device, from your PC (Windows desktop) or Mac desktop to your mobile phone. 

Being able to create and send invoices on the go means no delays and no accounting headaches waiting for you. You can use the FreshBooks automated bookkeeping software wherever you have access to the internet, so let FreshBooks take care of your invoicing worries while you sit back and relax.

With automated bookkeeping software like FreshBooks, you can take it easy as you travel and rely on real-time notifications to keep you updated on billing and invoicing. From business trips to business lunches, keeping track of your payments will be a piece of cake. This mobile access is all part of your free trial too!

Learn how easy it is to use the FreshBooks mobile app in this 30-second video.

What online payment options does FreshBooks offer?

There are a number of payment processors and payment options you can choose through FreshBooks. FreshBooks integrates with a number of payment processors so that you can choose the payment method that works best for you and your business. Whether you want to accept credit card payments, set up bank transfers, or get paid through FreshBooks Payments, you can easily set up the method you prefer. You can also set up different payment methods for different clients, depending on what suits them best.

The payment providers we utilize are WePay, Stripe, and PayPal in order to provide the following payment methods:

  • Major credit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • FreshBooks Payments
  • Stripe
  • Bank Transfers

Online payments get you paid 2x faster, but did you know you can get paid even faster and more often with the right Invoice Payment Terms?

How can my clients automatically pay their Invoices?

As a client, receiving a FreshBooks invoice with line items for subscription-based products or services, it’s easy to pay. All you have to do is save your credit card, banking or other payment details online in the FreshBooks application so you’re automatically billed each time an invoice comes due. Imagine doing this without invoicing software—dealing with paper invoices and receipts and having to keep track of phone and address records separately.

Automatic Recurring Invoices in FreshBooks combined with Recurring Payments makes it simple for clients to pay and for you to accept payments for products or services rendered—hands-free. Recurring Payments works together with Recurring Templates to automatically bill clients every time an invoice is generated and sent.

Saved payment information can always be removed if you want to opt-out of Recurring Payments at any time.

Customizable invoices packed with billable hours and expenses, using advanced features like recurring subscription billing and online payments make it easy for self-employed professionals to get paid faster.

When it comes to making online payments easy for you and your clients and comparing FreshBooks vs HoneyBook it’s easy to see why people choose FreshBooks.

Can I import my expenses from a file or automatically track them?

You can import expenses from our expense tracker by uploading a CSV file as well as having FreshBooks automatically track them by connecting your bank accounts or credit cards.

If you want to import your expenses in bulk with a CSV file, you just need to ensure your file is populated with the necessary fields, and then select “Import Expenses from a File” from the “More Actions” button in the Expenses section of your FreshBooks account.

You can also connect your bank account and credit cards to your FreshBooks account to automatically track your expenses.

You can easily test out expense tracking and importing during your 30-day free trial.

Related articles:

4 Reasons You Should Track Your Business Expenses Daily

Capture Expenses and Invoices on Project Pages in FreshBooks

Is my data safe with FreshBooks?

Everything in your FreshBooks accounting software, from time tracking to expense tracking to credit card information, is completely secure in FreshBooks.

FreshBooks protects your personal information. For the security of transactions, we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts any information such as credit card numbers and billing information that you send us electronically. The encryption process protects your information by scrambling it before it is sent to us from your computer. In addition, your data is backed up automatically and is accessible from any device, so you can always stay connected and up-to-date.

Want to learn more? Check out this article from our blog: How Secure Is Your Data in the Cloud?

Do I need an accountant if I use FreshBooks?

FreshBooks is a super-easy-to-use accounting software built specifically for small business owners, letting you easily do everything yourself. However, when it comes to using all the tools available to you, as a small business owner, your accountant should definitely be part of your toolbox.

Sending customizable invoices and managing billing and invoicing for several businesses in FreshBooks might be right up your alley, but leveraging insights from accounting reports might be something you want a second set of eyes on.

Not only does FreshBooks allow small businesses to add their accountant to their account, but FreshBooks also has an Accountant Partner Program that pairs small business owners with accountants. This ensures that businesses are matched with accountants that suit their specific needs.

Talk to your accountant and start a free trial to see how easy it is to work together. And if you need a hand our phone support with a live rep extends to both you and your accountant with no additional fees.

One thing we recommend while comparing HoneyBook vs FreshBooks is to learn all about the FreshBooks Accountant Partner Program.

Want to hear what it’s like to be part of the Accountant Partner Program? Here’s a great article: How FreshBooks’ Accounting Partner Program Helps CMA Lindsay Support Clients


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