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10 Best Project Management Software for 2024 in Canada

Project Management Software

When you’re juggling managing a business, getting clients, and supporting a team, you need collaboration software that helps you get and stay organized. A good project management tool can take your business from start-up to enterprise by streamlining your process and utilizing leading-edge software. But how do you choose between so many options? FreshBooks reviewed and compared the top 10 products for you. Read on to learn more.

Table of Contents

FreshBooks looked at top project management solutions and summarized the results below. For your convenience, we converted the prices to CAD, but they’re approximate and subject to currency fluctuations.

Get The Scoop On Your Profitability

1. FreshBooks


When you’re looking for project management software that is easy to use, affordable and offers robust features, FreshBooks delivers. It offers complete project management functionality, including organization, automation, and tracking tools that keep your team on task. It’s quick and easy to start a project, attach a budget, set a due date, and apply for services. 

The client management solution keeps all your customer’s information in one place. Plus, they can log into their account to offer comments on the project, sign off on deliverables, add payment information and more.

  • Time Tracking: Track billable hours with the easy-to-use timer and ensure you get paid for all your work. 
  • Expense Tracking: The expense tracker connects with your bank and credit card to eliminate manual entry. Organize and categorize your expenses according to project or client to streamline billing.

Scale from single projects to year-end details with the financial reports and see where you are most needed. With FreshBooks, you get more than project management software. You get a full-service business solution.


The Lite plan is $22 CAD/month, Plus is $35 CAD/month, Premium is $60 CAD/month, and a Select plan includes all the features in Lite, Plus, and Premium with advanced features and add-ons.

2. Asana


Asana offers collaboration tools for small and medium teams. They offer connected screens that help to decrease duplicate work across team members. Jump to the timeline view to ensure everyone is on task with the project deliverables. Workflow and builder forms automate repetitive tasks, while integrations allow you to continue using your external software without jumping from program to program.


Asana is a single service provider to help manage projects. You may need additional apps like proposal generation and accounting to meet your business needs. The free software only offers limited features. Workflow Builder, Admin console, advanced reporting, and time tracking are only available with the paid subscription.


They offer a free plan, a Premium plan at $19.19/month, and a Business plan at $48.18/month.

3. ClickUp


ClickUp offers free project management software that is easy to use. Remote teams can collaborate on projects from inception to fruition using digital mind maps and whiteboards. They offer contact management with a centralized project-related and commenting system, project management solutions, and an AI integration add-on to help you build customer relationships. As a single-service app, ClickUp offers integrations with over 200 single-focus apps like Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox to align all your processes into one central hub.


The AI integration add-on and time tracking are only available with paid subscriptions. There are no accounting or payment solutions.


They have a free plan, an Unlimited plan at $13.80/month per user, and a Business plan at $26.22/month per user. Contact their sales team for pricing and details about the Enterprise plan.

4. Hive


Hive offers tools for collaborative project management. It features time tracking, an in-app calendar, external guest access, unlimited projects, tasks, file storage, and team collaboration tools. The enterprise plan features custom analytics and reporting. Connect your Slack and Zoom accounts to utilize in-app communication features.


The free plan is only for up to 2 workspace members.

It is a single-service product. You may need additional app subscriptions to meet your business needs. The Teams plan only allows up to seven add-ons.


They offer a free plan and a Teams plan at $24.85/month per user. You must contact Hive to get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

5. Jira


Jira provides solutions to product development teams and software developers. It offers visual timelines with milestones, issues, and bug tracking. The task management features include subtasks and task dependencies for optimal team collaboration. You can keep track of billable hours with their timers and timesheets.


Enterprise pricing is only available if you have 801 users, and billing starts at $141,000/ annually. Support is tiered: The free plan has access to community support, and the Standard plan has access to support during business hours. You may need additional app subscriptions to meet your other business needs.


They offer a free plan, a Standard plan at $11.25/month per user, and a Premium plan at $22.09/month per user. Contact Jira to get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

6. Monday.com


Monday is an easy-to-use, customizable platform for start-ups and those on a tight budget. The dashboards offer visual representations of real-time actionable. You can assign tasks across multiple connected cards to eliminate work duplication among the team. Monday also features in-app communication so remote and in-office teams can comment, ask and answer questions, and check on the progress of order-specific tasks.


Beyond project management, Monday lacks in-house features like payment and billing, enabled e-signature proposals and invoicing, and proposal software.


They offer a free plan, a Basic plan at $51.90, a Standard plan at $70.80, and a Pro plan at $120.60. Prices are billed monthly and include the minimum required 3 seats. You can also contact their sales department for the Enterprise plan that offers pre- to post-sales management with full-level features.

7. Notion


Notion project management features tools for collaboration geared towards content developers. It has in-app commenting, email notifications, live document collaboration, and wikis to centralize brand standards and guides. Assign tasks and filter by team member to ensure everyone has a manageable load. The progress feed shows dependencies to see where a project has stalled because one task holds up the rest.


The notion is another single-service product. You may still need additional app subscriptions for accounting, financial reporting, client management, and time tracking.


They offer a free plan, a Plus plan at $13.81/month per user, and a Business plan at $24.85/month per user. Contact Notion to get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

8. Smartsheet


Smartsheet software offers collaborative tools and automation features. There are multiple view options, including a grid, Gantt charts, cards, and calendars, so you can use the one that works for you. Drag-and-drop features in each make it easy to track and edit progress, manage task assignments, and plan projects.

Robust administration features give you control over group and individual access, usage reports, your project team, and licenses.


You’ll need premium add-ons and integrations, like communication, accounting, and financial reporting, to meet all your needs.


They offer a free plan, a Pro plan at $15.19/month per user, and a Business plan at $57.98/month per user. Contact Smartsheet to get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

9. Wrike


Wrike software works with your growing business. It offers free project management tools for up to three users. It features AI content generation, project, task and subtask management, email integration and notifications, and document processing and text recognition. It also features multiple view options and project data for analysis. The Team plan features an analytics view and dynamic Gantt charts.


Dashboards and real-time reporting are only available with paid plans. Unlimited users are only available with the upper-tier plans. It doesn’t offer accounting or client management. You may need additional subscriptions to meet your business needs.


They offer a free plan, a Team plan at $13.53/month per user, and a Business plan at $34.24/month per user. Contact Smartsheet for pricing on the Enterprise and Pinnacle plans.

10. Zoho Projects


Zoho offers simple project management software with build-as-you-go modules and bundle packages that can grow with your business. You can navigate task assignments, utilize and track projects, and issue reports. Plus, it offers add-on integrations with common programs so you can link up with an existing Microsoft project.


The free plan is basic and only offers 2 projects and 5GB of storage. The two paid plans offer limited project templates. The portfolio dashboard is only available with the top tier. It relies heavily on integrations and add-ons to meet most small business needs and has a longer learning curve.


This pricing is for Zoho Projects only. They offer a free plan, the Premium plan at $6.50/month per user, and the Enterprise plan at $13/month per user.

Project Management Software Comparison Table

Now that you have more information about the features available within a project management tool, it’s time to compare pricing. Have a look at the comparison table below.

CompanyBest ForStarting Price
FreshBooksBest for Small BusinessesFree Trial – Sign Up Now!
AsanaBest for Collaboration ToolsCA$19.19 (billed monthly)(in US it is $13.90)
ClickUpBest for Remote Work TeamsCA$13.80 (billed monthly)(in US it is $10)
HiveBest for Collaborative Project ManagementCA$24.85 (billed monthly)(in US it is $18)
JiraBest for Product Development TeamsCA$11.25 (billed monthly)(in US it is $8.15)
Monday.comBest for Startups on a Tight BudgetCA$51.90 (billed monthly)
NotionBest for Content CreatorsCA$13.81 (billed monthly) (in US it is $10)
SmartsheetBest for Workflow AutomationCA$15.19 (billed monthly)(in US it is $11)
WrikeBest for Scaling OrganizationsCA$13.53 (billed monthly)(in US it is $9.80)
Zoho ProjectsBest for Integrations & Add-OnsCA$6.50 (billed monthly)

What Is Project Management Software?

Project management software combines the conveniences of automation with resource allocation. It’s your project management solution for project planning, organizing, and managing projects. Good project management software has tools for communication, collaboration, time management, and invoicing. Project managers and operation heads use a project management tool to monitor costs, billable hours, deliverables, and deadlines.

FreshBooks project management software provides all this and additional features that help your small business grow and thrive. It gives you and your team a shared virtual space to manage resource tools and provides quick reporting to demonstrate success and profitability.

Why Use Project Management Software?

Top project management software can build your small business and build with your growing business. From software development to portfolio management, a good platform will make a big difference.

FreshBooks software features in-app commenting, file sharing, time tracking, project data analysis, and more collaborative features. It can manage clients and contacts, monitor profitability, and offer financial snapshots of your business through a variety of report options.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or operating with a team, clients and businesses can benefit from project management tools.

How To Choose Project Management Software

The best software for project management will offer tools for communication, collaboration, and administration at an affordable price. FreshBooks provides all this and additional features that help your business grow.

Task Management

Task management lets you track a project, its deliverables, and associated communications. With FreshBooks software, you can track progress against services added to a project and ensure task completion. The project overview screen gives you a snapshot of the details of the project. You can manage tasks, assign team members, view associated services, and view the number of days remaining on the project. You can also view hours logged on a specific project by Team Member, Service, or Status, monitor the budget, unbilled time, and unbilled expenses.


Successful team projects require collaboration with clear communication. A project manager allocates tasks and monitors progress to ensure timely completion of deliverables. They also track billable hours and expenses against project budgets and timelines to ensure project profitability and success.

FreshBooks Projects has the tools to facilitate active collaboration and keep all the details in one place. Assign a project manager and invite team members and contractors to the project card where they can track their hours and communicate quickly on deliverables and tasks. Invite clients to align expectations and build customer relationships through in-app commenting and file sharing.

Key Features

Top project management software offers robust features that assist your business with more than just managing projects. Each additional feature is a subscription you aren’t paying for somewhere else.

FreshBooks small business project management app includes day-to-day business features that work for small teams, freelancers, and contractors. The accounting software tracks and organizes expenses, prepares financial reports, and tackles other basic accounting needs. The invoicing and billing software offers payment options, automation features, language, currency options, and more. Create winning proposals using their customizable templates. Use all the features on the mobile app and never miss another opportunity.


Integrations give you access to your preferred programs under one domain. Link your accounts to your project management software to streamline processes and keep an audit trail in one place.

FreshBooks API (application programming interface) bridges one source with another. Our integrations include scheduling apps to manage your merge existing contacts and future client bookings, Square and Stripe payment processors, Zoom for video calls and consultations, and MailChimp for advanced email campaigns.

Specialized app integrations include Clio for legal support, Shopify and WooCommerce e-commerce platforms, and WordPress website development.

A Very Well-Oiled Accounting Machine

FreshBooks has summarized some frequently asked questions about project management software for quick reference. See below.

What are Projects in FreshBooks?

Projects is a module inside your FreshBooks software account that enables you to create, edit, and enact a project from start to finish. Invite clients and team members to communicate and collaborate through comment posts, file attachments, and links.

Do I need a team to use Projects?

No, you do not need a team to use FreshBooks projects. The software has scalable features that work for a single person, a partnership, or a growing team collaborating on one or multiple projects. The FreshBooks suite offers a variety of business solutions designed to grow with you.

Can I Give My Projects Due Dates?

Yes, you can add a due date for the project’s anticipated completion with Freshbooks. You can also set and track billable hours, cost rates, expense markups, and analyze project profitability. These and other details are customizable in the settings and overview pages.

What is the best project management software for small businesses?

The best software for project management will offer tools for communication, collaboration, and day-to-day administration for an affordable price. FreshBooks software provides all this and additional features that help your small business grow and thrive.

Streamline Your Project Management With FreshBooks

The best project management software can benefit even the smallest business. Improve resource management, view project progress, and feel confident tackling complex projects with a project management platform to ensure project success.

Freshbooks suite of business tools can streamline project management tasks, improve collaboration, and organize your business in one place. 

FreshBooks software offers customer service and subscription features that help your small business with client management, accounting, invoicing, and more. Try FreshBooks free by signing up today to see how easy managing projects can be.

Kristen Slavin, CPA

About the author

1000 more rows at the bottom Kristen Slavin is a CPA with 16 years of experience, specializing in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services for small businesses. A member of the CPA Association of BC, she also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University. In her spare time, Kristen enjoys camping, hiking, and road tripping with her husband and two children. In 2022 Kristen founded K10 Accounting. The firm offers bookkeeping and accounting services for business and personal needs, as well as ERP consulting and audit assistance.