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Built To Help You Empower Clients With Easy Bookkeeping

Whether your clients want to manage their books, get their taxes done, or need a hand understanding cashflow issues, FreshBooks has essential tools, reports, and info for both business owners and accountants.

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Work Better Together: Accountants and Clients

With FreshBooks, accountants get access to the tools, reports, and information needed to properly advise and work with clients. This includes:

  • Access to accounting reports like General Ledger, Balance Sheet, and Profit and Loss
  • Adding Journal Entries
  • Managing Chart of Accounts
  • Reviewing and managing Invoices, Expenses, Payments, Other Income, and Bank Reconciliation

And, when it comes to tax time it’s easy to fill out and file forms. You’ll also have access to the information needed to maximise deductions and get insights into business performance.

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The FreshBooks Accounting Professionals Program

This program connects FreshBooks customers with highly-qualified accounting professionals and firms that offer more than just basic bookkeeping and compliance services.

It’s an easy way to help your clients:

  • Stay compliant, organised, and on top of their books
  • Prepare for tax time and defend against audits
  • Get advice to help grow and scale their business

What’s in it for accountants?

  • Free FreshBooks training, a dedicated support team and account managers
  • Connect to a community of other accountants
  • Connect with potential clients (fit based on your market, industry or niche area served, and unique expertise)

Is this program for you?

Any accountant or firm can benefit from the FreshBooks Accounting Professionals Program. It’s ideally designed for tech-savvy firms that offer basic bookkeeping, compliance and strategy services such as advisory, reporting, analytics, or business strategy coaching.

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Connect With Industry-Leading Apps to Level up Your Accounting

FreshBooks seamlessly integrates with other applications your clients already use and are most beneficial to accountants.

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Accountant and Customer Support

Accountant and Customer Support

Our award-winning customer support is available to help clients and their accountants by email and phone between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST. You’ll speak to a real person, not a robot, and never be transferred to another department.

Need to migrate bulk information? FreshBooks integrates with other major accounting software for easy migration, and our support team is ready to help from beginning to end.

T: 1.800.949.046

E: accountants@freshbooks.com