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All-in-One Project Management Software

Spend less time getting projects over the finish line. With FreshBooks project management software, easily collaborate with team members to keep everyone on the same page.

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Produce Better Work Faster With Your Team

FreshBooks project management software is built to boost team productivity. To kick off seamless collaboration, invite Contractors and Employees to projects, share files, and provide feedback on the spot.

Easy Access to Every Important File

No more digging through email chains looking for that one attachment. With a web-based centralised place for file storage, you and your team can effortlessly move projects forward.

Easy Access To Every Important File
Easy Access To Every Important File

Client Collaboration Made Simple

From project planning to executing work, FreshBooks project management solution makes it easy for clients to give you feedback every step of the way.


Easily Track and Interpret a Project’s Profitability

Knowing your business (projects included) helps you make smarter business decisions. The profitability tools built into our project management software helps you with everything from resource management to task management:

  • Profitability Widget – An at-a-glance breakdown of Incomes, Costs, the profitability of projects, and unbilled hours
  • Profitability Summary – An overview of overall profitability across clients and projects for quick comparison
  • Project Profitability Details – A detailed report of each project’s profitability by service and expense categories

Even More Features for Effortless Project Management

The right project management software doesn’t just help with managing projects. It helps run your entire business more efficiently. That’s why FreshBooks has powerful resource management and project management tools such as:

  • Chat and collaborate on project tasks
  • Manage team projects and deliverables
  • Invite your staff, clients, or contractors to a project team
  • Share images and files from within FreshBooks
  • Assign a cost and billable rates or hours to a specific project for a client
  • Control what your team can and cannot access with team permissions
  • Add and track progress against services added to a project
  • Easily duplicate projects and convert approved estimates into projects
  • Manage team labour across projects by assigning cost rates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a team to use Projects?

Not necessarily. You can use Projects in FreshBooks as team collaboration software or on your own as one of your team’s project management tools. Whether you use it as collaboration software or project management software, you’ll be more organised and efficient. Project management features like commenting and file-sharing will help you keep your projects and business more organised.

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Get the full picture of using Projects on FreshBooks in this quick video.

What user roles are available in FreshBooks?

As a Business Owner, you have full access to your account and all options, but you can also set up each of your team members as an Admin, Manager, Employee, Contractor or Accountant.

Different levels of access and permissions are available depending on the role you assign to your team members. All roles except Contractors will use your business’ account, while Contractors will have their own separate project management account where they can access Time Tracking and Project information.

Here’s a brief overview of each role you can set up on the FreshBooks project management software to get started on team collaboration.

Business Owner: The owner created the FreshBooks account, and has full access to every project management tool, but cannot add and edit custom accounts in the Chart of Accounts or create Journal Entries (only an Accountant can do these things).

Admin: Admins have access to a number of sections in the business’ account, with some limitations. You can view a full list of features available to Admins here.

Manager: Managers have access to many of the business account’s sections, like Settings, Clients, Invoices, Payments, Expenses, Projects, Time Tracking, and more, with some exceptions. You can view a full list of features available to Managers here.

Employee: Employees have access to their own information for the following sections: Time Tracking, Projects, Expenses, and Bills.

Accountant: Owners on Plus and Premium plans can add up to 10 Accountants to their business account at no extra cost. Accountants can see your business’ Dashboard, Invoices, Payments, Expenses, Reports, and Chart of Accounts.

Contractor: Contractors can use FreshBooks as a task management tool by viewing and tracking time for any Projects they’re invited to.

Here’s how to invite staff members to a project.

How do I use Projects with my team?

Once you invite your team members to your new project management software, you can start assigning them to Projects. In your Project, you can go to “Edit Project” and then select “Invite Project Members”. From here, you can select Team Members by checking the “Select All” checkbox or by individually checking off Team Members. From there, you can save your selection.

Any added team members will receive an email informing them that they have been invited to the Project team. Once invited, team members can collaborate in the Discuss tab. Everyone that’s invited to a Project can engage in file sharing and leave comments, as well as see others’ files and comments. 

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How do I bill for Projects?

Billing for projects is easy and can be done in just a few clicks. To create a new invoice from your Dashboard, you can click the Create New button, and then select Invoice. You can also click on Invoices, and then click the New Invoice button on the top right of your screen.

Once you’ve started a new invoice, you can make changes like accepting online payments, customizing your invoice style,  and filling in your Client info. Once you’ve selected a Client you can opt to send late reminders, charge late fees, and adjust the currency and language settings.

When you’ve finished setting up your invoice, you can save it, send it as an email to your Client, or download and send it as a PDF. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an invoice.

You can also assign an existing Team Member as a Project Manager to track progress on and generate invoices for projects.

Can I invite contractors to Projects?

Yes, you can! You can also assign Invoices received from Contractors to Projects which makes it easy for you to rebill them against a project. Remember, a Contractor who has access to a project will only be able to track their own time and view the project. They will not have access to other permissions and cannot be made Project Managers on any Project.

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Project management: Can I assign project managers to projects in FreshBooks?

The best project management software programs allow you to delegate some responsibility to trusted team members while still giving your business much-needed protection. That’s where the FreshBooks Project Manager feature comes in.

Project Managers are an extra level of access that can be assigned to any existing Team Member (except Contractors) on any project. Once assigned as Project Manager to a specific Project, they’ll be able to use this project management tool to:

  • Manage the entire Project by editing it as needed (file sharing, commenting, etc)
  • View Invoices and Expenses associated with a Project
  • Generate Invoices for the Project including rebilling all associated Expenses created by the team
  • View all time entries for the Project – both theirs and the team’s

Learn more about project managers here.

Find out how you can keep on top of the time you’re spending on clients and accept credit cards in just a few clicks, or learn more about FreshBooks.

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