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Transform Your Business With FreshBooks & The Canadian Digital Adoption Program

Eligible businesses can use the Government of Canada grant of up to $2400 towards their FreshBooks subscription or adoption of online payments. 

What Is the Canadian Digital Adoption Program? 

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) helps businesses adopt digital technologies to increase competitiveness. Eligible businesses will receive a grant to adopt new digital technologies–and your FreshBooks subscription or adoption of online payments may be eligible. 

What Can You Use the Canada Digital Adoption Program Grant For? 

Eligible businesses can use the CDAP grant for many technology-related expenses, including adopting online payments, web design, search engine optimization, social media and more. 

Small and medium-sized businesses that use or plan to use FreshBooks can receive 100% reimbursement of up to $2400 for integrating payments directly on their website. Otherwise, they can receive a 20% reimbursement up to $480 for their FreshBooks subscription.

Why Use FreshBooks for Your CDAP Grant? 

All-in-One Business Software

Why use multiple tools when one can do almost everything for your business? With easy-to-use invoicing, payments, accounting, project management, and many more features, it’s easy to see why over 30 million businesses in 160+ countries have used FreshBooks.

Built for Growing Businesses

You don’t want to learn a new system once your business expands.  That’s why FreshBooks is made to grow with you. From payment options to accounting reports to additional users, FreshBooks can handle anything you throw at it while giving you robust insights into how healthy your business is at-a-glance.  

Award Winning Customer Service

FreshBooks has live, Canadian-based support teams ready to help you get up and running. Whether your question is about starting online payments so you can get paid faster or setting up your FreshBooks account, our friendly customer service pros are here to help.

Why Small & Medium Sized Businesses Love FreshBooks

“With FreshBooks, it’s hard for me to fall behind on invoices and lose grip of my income projections since everything is tracked month to month.”



TORONTO, Ontario

“We had a record year this past year. Could we have done it without FreshBooks? I don’t know how we would have.”



OTTAWA, Ontario

“FreshBooks is integrated into pretty much everything I do from a financial standpoint, from all my invoices to my projections.”



WINNIPEG, Manitoba

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Apply for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (Grow Your Business Online Grant)?
  1. Begin by reviewing the eligibility criteria to ensure the program aligns with your needs.
  2. Reach out to your local service provider for assistance.
  3. Seek guidance from your service provider when applying for the grant.
Who Is Eligible for CDAP (Grow Your Business Online Grant)?

Eligible Businesses:

  • Must be a for-profit entity, which includes for-profit social enterprises and cooperatives.
  • Must be registered or incorporated.
  • Must be consumer-oriented, selling goods and services directly to end consumers.
  • Must have at least one employee (excluding the owner) OR generate a minimum of $30,000 in annual revenue in the most recent tax year.
  • Must commit to maintaining a digital adoption strategy for a duration of six months.
  • Must agree to participate in follow-up surveys, share data regarding the experience, and allow the publication of their name as a grant recipient.

Ineligible Businesses:

  • Corporate chains, franchises, or registered charities.
  • Representatives of multi-level marketing companies.
  • Brokerage firms, such as real estate agents, investment advisors, insurance agents, etc.
  • Businesses engaged in online reselling or drop-shipping that rely on third-party suppliers.
  • Wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing businesses (unless they sell directly to consumers).
What Does CDAP Cover (Grow Your Business Online Grant)?
  • Develop a new e-commerce website or enhance the functionality of your current site (e.g., incorporating online reservation/booking tools, online ordering systems, electronic payments, and Search Engine Optimization).
  1. Redesigning an existing site is not an eligible expense.
  • Install an e-commerce platform, covering subscription fees and associated costs.
  • Employ a consultant to assist with digital marketing strategies for your e-commerce store, including activities like social media advertising.
  1. The grant cannot be solely allocated for digital marketing or social media advertising; such activities must be part of an overarching e-commerce implementation plan, not standalone initiatives.
  • Implement e-commerce software to monitor and manage inventory and sales, engage with customers, provide discounts, administer a loyalty program, and enhance cybersecurity.
  • Cover up to 20% of the overall expenditure on hardware and software.
  • Eligible costs must be directly linked to the online sale of goods and services.