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How to December-Proof Your Business

by Guest Author  |  December 18/2014  |  , ,
How to December-Proof Your Business

How to December-proof your business   December is tough for many small businesses. Income decreases, expenses skyrocket, employee productivity dips and nerves get wracked. However, you can take advantage of an otherwise “slow” month and set your business up for a great …

How to Survive Holiday Visitors: Your Small Business Playbook

by Nellie Akalp  |  December 16/2014  |  , ,

Nellies legal lessons   Another holiday season is upon us, and with so many competing demands and priorities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s travel planning, prepping for visitors, gift shopping and holiday events piled on top of an already-busy schedule. While …

The Top 7 Gifts for Your Accountant this Holiday

by FreshBooks  |  December 15/2014  |  , , ,
The 7 top gifts for your accountant

7 Gifts for your Accountant He’s making a list and checking it twice, but even Santa can sometimes forget to deliver a little holiday cheer to the men and women who keep his business in business – accountants. If you’ve …

5 ways to inject personality into your brand


Inject your brand with personality Injecting personality into your brand and business can give it a unique persona, which is appealing to customers.  Try these five tips to make your branding more successful: 1. Find a consistent voice Injecting personality …

7 business books that will actually help your business

by Guest Author  |  December 9/2014  |  , , ,

7 books that will help your business Many business books follow the same formula. The author offers some idea about how the professional world is changing—something that is often explained in a few pages—and then they fixate on …

Starting a new business venture


Starting a new business It all starts with a bright idea. Sometimes appearing from nowhere, while you’re doing something mundane. It can come to you after receiving poor service from a company—or purchasing a product that wasn’t all it was made …

Lessons learned from my first $200K as a solopreneur

My first $200k as a solopreneur

My first $200k as a solopreneurExactly one year ago, I was struggling with the decision about whether to take my “side business” full-time. I had reached a point where, after three years of after-hours freelancing, I was beginning to …

FreshBooks is moving: office closed November 28-30, 2014

by FreshBooks  |  November 27/2014  |  , ,
Goodbye from FreshBooks

Office closed November 28-30 It’s true! In just two short years, FreshBooks has outgrown its much-loved office—and is moving up the street to a larger space. The office will be closed for a half-day, starting Friday, November 28 at 12 pm EST. With a bit …

How to create your 2015 growth plan in 20 minutes

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysisWhat are your goals for the coming year?  Do you want to make more money?  Expand your team?  Get bigger or better clients? Whatever your goals, you need a quick, efficient way to reach them.  That’s exactly what I’ll show you here.  This is …

How giving services away has helped and hurt my business

Learn when to give away your services

Learn when to give away your servicesAs a small business owner, some of my best experiences and growth opportunities have been a result of me giving away my services.  Yet, not charging for services when I should have has also gotten me into a …

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