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FreshBooks is moving: office closed November 28-30, 2014

by FreshBooks  |  November 27/2014  |  , ,
Goodbye from FreshBooks

Office closed November 28-30 It’s true! In just two short years, FreshBooks has outgrown its much-loved office—and is moving up the street to a larger space. The office will be closed for a half-day, starting Friday, November 28 at 12 pm EST. With a bit …

How to create your 2015 growth plan in 20 minutes

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysisWhat are your goals for the coming year?  Do you want to make more money?  Expand your team?  Get bigger or better clients? Whatever your goals, you need a quick, efficient way to reach them.  That’s exactly what I’ll show you here.  This is …

How giving services away has helped and hurt my business

Learn when to give away your services

Learn when to give away your servicesAs a small business owner, some of my best experiences and growth opportunities have been a result of me giving away my services.  Yet, not charging for services when I should have has also gotten me into a …

How 5 entrepreneurs tackle founder depression

by Ritika Puri  |  November 20/2014  |  ,

founder-depression Starting a business is one of the hardest things that anyone can ever do—especially if you’re at it alone. While it’s easy to go home and unwind from a tough day at the office, entrepreneurship is something that always lingers with you. As …

10 legal tips for wrapping up the year


end-of-year-business-legal-planning The end of the year can feel like a black hole for the small business owner. There are family get-togethers and holiday parties, not to mention closing out projects for time-pressed clients and prepping for the year ahead. While it’s …

5 tips for successful sales collateral


sales-collateralMany people might be surprised to hear this, but sales collateral— even printed on paper—is still an effective way to help sell your products and services. Even with all of the great modern digital technology that we can use to promote our businesses and …

Canadian Small Business Week, 2014: That’s a wrap!

Canadian Small Business Week, 2014: That’s a wrap!

As you might know October 19-25 was Small Business Week in Canada, and to celebrate, the team at FreshBooks banded together in its FreshMobile to hit the streets of Toronto and deliver free #FreshBrew coffee to fuel small business owners. We dropped off bags of coffee beans to some of our nearby clients, …

What to do when an introduction goes wrong


managing-client-referrals Introductions and referrals are the life blood of most entrepreneurs’ success, but they don’t always go as planned. Instead of leading to a new client, botched introductions can backfire and jeopardize your relationship with your existing client. I found that out the hard …

Freshoween ’14: Thank you for showcasing your spooky side

Freshoween ’14: Thank you for showcasing your spooky side

The costumes are back in the closet, you’re likely recovering from a candy-induced coma, and there’s one thing for certain—small business owners are certainly not Halloweenies! Everyone who participated in the Freshoween ’14 Photo Contest brought their Halloween spirit in spades; after sorting through all the spooktacular submissions, we’ve landed on the winners…drum …

When the client won’t tell you their budget


find-out-clients-budget“It’s like shooting in the dark!” exclaimed my client, a website developer. “I have NO IDEA how much they’re willing to spend. And I am wasting hours and hours making proposals that are ultimately rejected.” Most freelancers and small businesses encounter many potential clients …

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