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Report Card Season is Approaching

by Levi Cooperman  |  March 23/2007  | 

Coming soon to your FreshBooks account is a report that looks like that school report card that you used to dread arriving every semester. The difference is that instead of Cs in Algebra, this report card has valuable business benchmarks for your small business. My guess is, instead of dreading it, you will be counting down the days and hours until your report card is available. In it will be a quarterly summary of how your business is doing and how it measures up to other businesses that are doing the same type of work as you.

report cards

These report cards are available to all active users of FreshBooks. If you have not designated a profession for your business, you will not be able to measure yourself against other businesses, but you will still see your report.

We see these benchmarks as being very useful for small businesses that do not have access to market data, or expensive research reports. If you business is growing, it may interest you to find out the average revenue of other businesses to see if you are just hitting your stride, or nearing your peak potential.

report cards

The report cards also display how others are benefiting from FreshBooks to get paid faster and collect more money.

FreshBooks report cards will be available every three months starting this April. You have a few weeks to start performing before your parents find out your marks!

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  • Heekyung

    Wow – congratulations on the great next step for your company. As one of the leading thought-leaders in the SaaS space, I am very excited to see how the quarterly benchmark plays out.

    As a follow-up to a few comments here, I would be very interested in seeing who opts in and who doesn’t, and how the data compares for opted-in pool vs. comprehensive pool.

    Fascinating — congratulations on the impressive execution..


  • Heekyung

    Ooops – excuse my grammar.

    I mean to say — Freshbooks is one of the thought-leaders in the SaaS space, and I am very excited to see how the quarterly benchmark plays out for the company and the industry.

    Sorry – I was too excited for this news. Congratulations on this great next step!!

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