Introducing the new FreshBooks app for iPhone

Last week, Mike (FreshBooks founder and CEO) outlined our vision for cloud accounting. Today we are delivering the official FreshBooks app for iPhone. Working from anywhere is at the heart of our vision for cloud accounting – and that means great mobile experiences for you, and other small business owners like you. Work anywhere, anytime. Even in the pool, even with sneakers on (we won’t judge). Here’s just a taste of what you can do in the mobile app:

Introducing the new FreshBooks app for iPhone

Snap photos of your receipts

Snap photos of your receipts

Photograph a receipt and attach it right to an expense for your records. You can even rebill expenses to your clients right from the app.


Track time on the go

Track time on the go

Run the timer to track how long you spend on Projects. Then, generate an invoice right from your time and tasks — you’ll never forget another billable hour.


Create and send your Invoices and Estimates

Create and send your Invoices and Estimates

Invoice from your client’s office, the airport, or even a comfy bed after a long day’s work. Accept online payment and know the instant your client views an invoice.


Download the FreshBooks iPhone app by heading on over to the App Store and give it a whirl. We welcome (dare we say encourage?!) you to review the app – it will help us know you like it and inspire us to keep making it better for you. In the weeks to come, we’ll be telling the story behind the making of the iPhone app. If you’re interested in learning more, subscribe to this blog.

PS – If you are not on iPhone, let us know which mobile devices you’d like to see FreshBooks on next.

PPS – In the App Store, our company name is 2ndSite Inc. Don’t worry – that’s us!

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  • Peter

    Nice app, looking good. I would figure that Android is coming soon, right?

    • Avrum Laurie

      Hey Peter,

      Avrum from FreshBooks here. Tell us exactly which device you’d like to see FreshBooks on next here!

  • Peter

    Done! Would be pretty great. I’m a bit jealous on iOS users now, and that’s for the first in a loooong time.

  • Ryan

    Would also love to see a version native to the iPad. Thanks for all of the hard work!

    • Avrum Laurie

      Thanks Ryan! Vote for the iPad here.

  • Jenny

    Did I tell you I love you? This is great, just had a quick look, all looks good so far. I’ve been dying to get more done without having to be sat in front of a machine, this is going to really help. WILL be blogging this.

  • Sam

    That’s it – every item on my invoicing/bookkeeping/time tracking wish list is now complete!

    Excellent work freshbookers – you have made me (and I’m sure countless others) very happy with this beautiful app :)

  • David Napier

    I use freshbooks all the time and it’s really the best way to keep track of everything. But, I just wish that Freshbooks would have on Windows Phone.

    • Avrum Laurie

      Vote for Windows phone here

      Thanks for the kind words and happy to know that your account wishlist is complete!.

      Great to hear! Invoicing from your couch — it’s the future.

  • Tracey

    Looks GREAT thanks so much!

  • adam s

    love the app – i have two freshbooks accounts, any chance you will let me switch between two accounts in one app?

    • Avrum Laurie


      @Adam S
      You can switch to another account by going to Settings (little gear on the homescreen) then tap ‘Your Company Info’ and hit Logout; finally go to the main settings screen and hit ‘Login’. You can only connect to a single account a time, however.

  • Jesse Pereboom

    Do any of the apps support the “Support” feature? I love using the support ticketing feature, and it would be great to use it on an android. Thanks Jesse

    • Avrum Laurie

      The iPhone app doesn’t currently support the “Support Ticket” feature. What kind of support ticket tasks would you like to see on mobile? Finally, vote for the Android here.

  • Micah

    Good stuff!!! Been waiting for an iPhone app for a while…glad you guys took your time and did it right (or if you didn’t, way to fake it)!

    • Avrum Laurie

      Thanks Micah! Promise we’re not faking :)

  • J Camacho

    Although I’m managing fairly ok with freshbooks inside Chrome on my android devices, it would be nice to have a native android version too.

    • Avrum Laurie

      @J Camacho
      Definitely hear you on Android support. Vote for it here.

      @Brian J
      Hey Brian see the steps above that I gave to James.

  • Jeisson

    I have been using MiniBooks for a quite some time now and although I think it is great you guys released an official version, I still feel MB is superior for now.

    For example: When looking at invoices on the new app, it says unspecified item on all my invoices while MB shows the correst iteam perfectly.

    Love the design though. Very Freshbooks-like.

  • James Buzzard

    So having trouble with the app – my freshbooks is currently linked with Google Apps – how do I therefor sign in?

    • Avrum Laurie

      Currently, you can’t sign-in with Google Apps directly from the mobile app. In the meantime, here’s what you can do to login:

      1. Login to FreshBooks with your Google Apps login
      2. Click on “My Account”
      3. Click on “Administrator”
      4. Here you will see your Username and a spot to make your password.
      5. Just add a password and click save.

      Now you can use that username and password to connect to the iPhone app.

      Do you items have descriptions?

  • Brian J

    I have the same problem. No option to sign in for Google Apps. Do Google Apps users have a way to sign in through the mobile FreshBooks login?

  • Dawud Miracle

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I’ve been using MiniBooks for more than a year and have found it sluggish, at best. I’ve been waiting for a native app and am really excited to try this out. Downloading now.

  • Avrum Laurie

    You are very welcome and thank you for your support! Let us know what you think.

  • Greg

    Love the new iPhone app. Looks great. Works great. Thank you!

  • Avrum Laurie

    Love that you love it. Feel free to review and share the love :)

  • DavidM

    Finally. Thank you. Downloaded and running, so far so good. This was one of the voids in Freshbooks — having to wait until I got back to the office to manage invoices and expenses.

  • muhu

    Thank you, I asked for this 1 year ago… great to see you guys develop this

  • Avrum Laurie

    Thanks DavidM. Enjoy your new found freedom to work anywhere :)

    We wanted to make sure we got it right. Let us know what you think and be sure to review us on itunes when you get a chance.

  • Ed K

    Congrats on your app! I bought minibooks a while ago, but there was one feature it lacked that is also lacking in your new app, can I vote for the feature? I bill most clients each week or month and the invoices are the same except for the date and invoice #. I use the checkmark and hit copy and my new invoice is ready to send minus a potential tweak or two. It would be nice to have COPY or copy to new invoice as an option in the menu. That would let me quit having to use the full website!

  • Avrum Laurie

    Hey Ed. Definitely hear you on being able to copy invoices right from the phone. We’ll definitely consider this for the next version.

  • Ben Moffett

    You’ve done it again, Made me fall in love with you all over! I’m crying over here…stop it!

  • Avrum Laurie


  • Roland

    Love it! Would love to see the ability to be logged into multiple accounts (or easier switching) some time in the future…

  • Avrum Laurie

    For now you can login and out of your accounts from ‘Your Company Profile’. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Dan Poynor

    Really nice.

    I’m hoping to see activity notifications for events such as invoices getting paid or received.

  • Avrum Laurie

    Thanks Dan.

    You can actually see recent activity in the iPhone app. On the homescreen, tap the little green or grey speech-bubble at the bottom of the screen. A list of the recent activity in your app will open.

  • SeanFitz

    Cant wait to see some more functionality… All of my projects are shared from my boss’ freshbooks account, and none of them show up on the iphone app, total bummer…also still cannot generate an invoice from timesheet…these are the two major functions i use with freshbooks, timesheets and generating and invoice from them. Sad face from me :(

  • SeanFitz

    …Would also love to be able to search for invoices by description.

  • Avrum Laurie

    You are correct — shared projects are currently not supported in the mobile app but it’s definitely something we’d like to get in a future release. Can absolutely understand how this is critical for you given you setup.

    Also hear you on searching invoices by description. There are some advanced search options, bu unfortunately not descriptions in v1.

  • John

    I vote for ipad and android. I wish that companies would at least put out iOS and Android apps at the same time!

  • Oscar Monroy

    I just don’t see why I have to vote for the next app you will releases since you got the Iphone one and you can get information everywhere that Android is the second and most faster growing phone system in the market, anyway I already vote

  • Avrum Laurie

    @John, @Oscar
    Totally hear you guys on providing an Android app. We really took our time to get our first mobile app right, and chose iOS first because it was the most used and requested platform among our customers. That said, I can assure you that we want to provide the same level of experience to all customers, no matter what device they use, so definitely stay tuned.

  • Hugo

    Would love this for my Android phone.

  • M

    Hi. Great app, love the design.

    Would you be able to add a PIN that needs to be entered whenever the app is open.

    You can look at Mint and Simple for samples. Basically the purpose woul be to stop people who use my phone from seeing my business finances.


    • Avrum Laurie

      @Hugo – vote for Android here.

      @M – Definitely hear you on adding a PIN for extra security. For now, you can add a PIN to your lock screen on the phone under Settings -> General -> Passcode lock

  • Jackson

    Well done!

  • Thomas

    FOr those using Google Apps and the OAuth/Federated login, you won’t be able to “change password” because you don’t have an actual password (yet).

    Easy way to reset password:
    1) Open new browser (not the one you use to access Google Apps + FreshBooks
    2) Open your company url:
    3) Click “Forgot Your Username or E-mail address”
    4) Enter your e-mail address
    5) Click “Request Login Info”
    6) You will receive an e-mail with your login name (usually your e-mail address)
    7) Click the link to “If you have forgotten your password”
    8) Enter your new password, save it, done.

    You can now use that UN/PW to login to FB mobile.

  • Thomas

    Scratch that lengthy process above… Was getting an error trying to change it from current. As originally posted by Avrum, just type a password in the password field and save.

  • Dev Basu

    App looks brilliant and the photo expense snapshot feature is great to boot.

  • Avrum Laurie

    Your solution should work as well.

    @Dev Basu
    Thanks and happy FreshBookin’

  • Jeisson

    Yes, they all have descriptions.

  • Jonathan

    I’m in the same boat as SeanFitz, I need support for shared projects and creating invoices from time sheets for this app to do everything I need from Freshbooks. I’ve already voted for an iPad version although the other two items are more important to me, the web app works very nicely from the iPad.

    Still with the current functionality the app should prove useful too, great work!

  • Howard Bouk

    I have already voted for an iPad version of the app. I would love to see the ability to have multiple timers on the go. There are times when I am switching between clients and need to be able to pause one timer, start another, then go back to the first. This is where the iPad could shine. More space for more timers!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Brian Doherty

    Excellent. Thanks. I was using Minibooks, but this is more clear and lets you add Projects on the go. I’m happy with the iPhone version, and it seems like the right thing to do Android next. For me personally, though, an iPad version would be totally awesome.

  • Andrew

    Love it that Freshbooks makes it easier to run a business (web design/development, in my case). Keep up the good work!

  • Stephanie

    Love this new app! I’ve been a Minibooks user for two years now but so glad there’s an official and FREE app so my partner can download it to her phone as well. (I was never that impressed with Minibooks so I just purchased it for my phone since I do most of the accounting tasks.) It’s about time you folks released an app; I think it will help more people like me stick with FreshBooks.

    I voted to have an “optimized for iPad” app (perhaps with more functionality added)
    but I downloaded this new app to our new iPad and it worked just fine, and looked okay even at the 2x setting.

    One small feature request: I am not sure if many other people need or use this feature regularly, but I really like being able to uncheck the box to prevent a client from getting a payment receipt. It’s fine to send the automatic notice to most people, but I don’t want to crowd the inboxes of certain clients, so I turn it off for them.

    Turning it off isn’t possible through MiniBooks or the new app, so I just log on to the full site, but it would be very handy to have it on the app. Sometimes I’ve forgotten to record a payment when I’m on the go because I didn’t want to bother the client with that automatic payment notification. :-

  • jimi mikusi

    It’s obvious been said already- but it continues to amaze me whey iOS is always the first release when Android has well over 60% market share? Why start with 1/5 of your users rather than nearly 2 out of 3.

  • Dan

    Android please!

  • Kylee

    Please make one compatible with Samsung Android phones please! It make it much easier for me.As the ones that they offer ain’t what I want and freshbooks I love using. Also should make it Compatible with MYOB!

  • Anthony

    Surely Android will be coming very very soon also?

  • elefterios

    windows phone is a must

  • Adam

    Good-looking app but not all my projects show up on the time-tracking function. Am I missing some step?

  • Putalia

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Avrum Laurie

    We’ve seen some issues with an incomplete set of projects sync’ing to mobile. To fix this, go to time-tracking and refresh the list. That will generally bring in all your Projects. If they’re still not showing up, it could be that the time-entries for these projects are really old. In this case, switch to the calendar view and navigate to the last month where hours are logged for the Project, forcing them to sync. Let me know if this works and rest assured we’re investigating a proper fix so you don’t have to do this workaround.

    @elefterios, @Anthony, @Kylee, @Dan, @jimi, @Brian, @Jonathan
    We hear you guys loud and clear on supporting more devices like Android, iPad, and Windows Phone.

    The reason why we did iPhone first is because it was the most requested platform among our customers, and our data showed it was also the most used platform. I definitely realize there’s some cause and effect here, but we also wanted to get it right on iPhone first since we’re never released an mobile app and had a lot to learn. Definitely keep the feedback coming and keep voting for your favorite devices.

    Can you email so we can dig into this?

  • Jeremy

    Hi there,

    Myself and 2 other separate customers would love to have the ability to update support tickets through this iPhone app.

    For us it is not worth downloading if this is not present.


    Jeremy Marten

  • Tim Spaulding

    Definitely need a separate PIN to access the app. Given that one can fully access, edit, and send invoices an added layer of security seems only logical. Most banking apps have this same feature (e.g. USAA). The lack of one more security layer makes me leery of using this app but I do love the app so far. So in a nutshell: please, please, please add an app specific PIN (or at least the option of adding one).


  • Gabe

    Looks great! In case you missed the link in the post, please remember to vote for an Android (or your) version:

  • Website Design Melbourne

    I have just downloaded the app and had a play, seems like it is not showing all the time tracking entries, is this a bug?

    Otherwise, love the design, and love the fact that it is free! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Web Design Pixelar

    Not sure if you have to logout every time from the app, a separate PIN to access the app will be great, as is a pain to login and logout..

  • Matt

    As a company that is focused on the cloud, it surprises me that you didn’t do a simultaneous release for both iOS users and Android users.

    I understand you were cautious but you guys are a cloud company. Hire the mobile developers! Window 8 store is right around the corner.

    Good product and nice app though. :)

  • Roeland

    Awesome! A step in the right direction. Unfortunately I had an Iphone 3 years ago and have been on Android user since :(

    That said, I assume no work has been started on an Android version? If the “next” OS to be supported would be Android, are we looking at atleast a full year before we will see this?

  • Patrick

    Nice app. I believe Freshbooks is great for freelancers. This app is awesome for an accounting software and I’ll choose it over Peachtree or Quickbooks.

    Great work!

  • urbancartel

    Love the new app :: can you please look at being able to change the date format in a future upgrade as it’s very confusing for non US users… apart from that thumbs up so far

  • Carlin Chesnet

    Love the new app but would love to have the ability to update support tickets through this iPhone app and create invoices from the ticket. Thanks for a job well done….

  • Adam

    A vote for IPad – would love to see reports natively displayed in app! This makes me very happy to see – min books has been great but making a new project on the fly sucked but not anymore :)

  • Greg

    You should have just done it with Appcellerator Titanium. Why not cover all the bases?

  • Corinne

    This makes me sooo happy that I can use this app on my 2nd generation iPod touch. LOL

    I have an Android device, too so I voted for that!

  • Jen

    *Sigh*….just as I suspected. Not for my good ol’ 3GS iPhone. Apparently, I have to have the latest iPhone to download and use this. Very disappointed.

  • Patrick

    I vote for the Support Feature to be added, as I use it while onsite with the customer. It also would be nice to have the ability to filter tickets by age, 30days etc. Love it app! Excellent first draft! Woot!

  • Edward

    Have you implemented more with the URL scheme than just launching the app? I didn’t see the URL scheme published. Like useing something such as launch pad pro or even a safari bookmark to open and start a timer?


  • Deborah

    Fabulous! Can’t wait to see this available for the Android phone. And yes I submitted this per the PS request. :) Thanks!

  • Eamonn

    Glad to see you’ve launched your own App and I think the expenses is the real killer feature. In particular taking a photo of a receipt for your expenses however there’s two things that seriously need addressing in the next update:

    1. Categories should only display what’s in your Freshbooks account rather than default ones and my own custom ones.

    2. Vendors should be a dynamic list like “Clients” as I find my expenses is a mix of new vendors with some regular ones (I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of your users).

    *I know there’s a lot of people looking for Android but getting the iOS one right will ultimately benefit everyone….

  • Bob

    Can I ‘Enter a Payment’ of an invoice that’s been sent?

  • Chris Moore

    The app looks great! We’re full time Freshbooks users at Gaslight and we really, really would love to get shared projects in the iOS app. All our projects are shared, so it would be a big help. Thanks

  • Jonathan

    It would be great to be able to mark time as “billed” in the mobile app. thanks and great work!

  • Troy

    We have a lot of clients but not all are active. Is there a way on the new app only to show the active clients.
    I would also like this for the items list as well. I only need to see active items not the complete list.

  • Eric

    Very disappointed this is limited to iOS. Already voted, (thanks for listening) now get moving on the Android version! :)

  • John Low

    I love the new iPhone app. It would be great if you could add notifications for accepted Estimates.

  • Antoine Pierre-Louis

    That was a nice surprise to me and I am thrilled! Great Job!


  • Brian Curtis

    “The reason why we did iPhone first is because it was the most requested platform among our customers, and our data showed it was also the most used platform.”

    I find the second part hard to believe seeing as Android accounted for 68% mobile market share in August.

    I would like to see the numbers comparing total freshbooks users to the number of fb users owning iPhones.

    Based on market statistics, I’m going to assume the decision to support iPhone first was made based on the vocal aspect of iOwners and not factual market data.

    Having said all that, I did vote for Android next. However, I really hope this vote is superfluous…

  • Keith Storm

    It crashes for me every time I open the invoices screen. Of course I’m using iOS 6 beta 4. Hope it doesn’t continue to crash when the official iOS 6 release comes out.

  • Greg Wolf

    I agree with Jesse Pereboom …. and every other app designed to work with freshbooks has been the same way. No “Support” functionality. That is the core of how we use freshbooks. We create tickets under support, enter notes as we work through the ticket, add line items to each note, then close and create and invoice from that ticket. But it seems since the last website update (removed the ability to add line items while adding notes) and the app, freshbooks is overlooking my type of business.

  • JasonHunter Design

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new app! But, it’s not as useful as I’d hoped… I can’t see my client notes, so I can’t access all the fun stuff I store about them while I’m on the go (I still have to use the web browser version). I also can’t see received estimates or invoices. But the biggest bummer…. I can’t search for clients unless I know their email address. What if that’s what I was going in to get? Lol Can’t wait for the first update!

  • James

    Thanks for sharing this blog about FreshBooks app for iPhone. Looks great! I am really excited to try this out. I’ll surely be looking for more.

  • Johnny Seal

    Great App, seems so simple to use like a 1 click business. :) Good job!


  • Adam

    What a great app, however, wish you had Google Apps auth sorted.

    Given the authentication jumps into a browser anyway, surely it would not be an difficult undertaking to have this as an option?

  • Gabriel

    great stuff, I also like the fact that you plan to develop this further with help and input from the users. more companies should do that.

  • Ryan

    LOVE this app, really great job with it. I echo Howard though: multiple timers. Having to switch back and forth with MiniBooks for the time being…

  • Domenico

    Haaahh what a relief now that i’ve found FreshBooks!! Sincerely, I was using Sage BillingBoss for free since 2009, no problems since then… Since a few weeks, a pop-up was announcing the end of billing boss and the arrival of the new monthly paid SageOne. At this point I was thinking to myself wow, what a nice improvement it may be….Not at all! not even able to transfer to transfer my sage billingboss data into it! Worst, it keeps announcing that all billingboss data will self destroy before christmas and no easy data transfer tool will be made! OMG need for a solution, and not a sage solution! I made a quick look at Intuit complete line of products and was like OMG what a crap not even able to import anything from billing boss data easily! So after testing like 25 online apps, because this market is emerging like hell… I finally found the most promicious solution ever: FreshBooks. By far the approach of freshbooks is the most understandable and seriously rock solid. I was not able to import all my billing data from billing boss but i was able to import my contac. It was the most easy process on about 20 competitors to import my billing boss “.csv contacts file”. I had to tweak my csv file with CSVed but all the instruction about the correct file stucture was told on freshbook import page. The most convenient, the most solid, and a really nice team of specialist! FRESHBOOKS i think there may be a few impovements to be made so i will submit it to the team, but seriously i love it and I’m in!

  • Jon Clayton

    I love the app, but it is painfully slow to sync on my iPhone 3GS. I just archived about 5 years worth of paid invoices hoping it would help speed things up. I noticed a very slight improvement, but nothing to write home about. Is there anything else I can do to help optimize my account to help speed things up on my iPhone? MiniBooks is extremely fast on my phone compared this app. Suggestions?

  • Frankie

    I love FreshBooks.. and certainly jealous that there is an app on iphone.. Is the android ready yet? Yes i’ve voted already and i hope many other did too. Can we twist somebody’s arm to decide that the next one is on for android? please….

  • Paul

    Love the app but wish that it showed all the contacts and locations for a customer on the view screen. Right now it seems to only show the primary.

  • cire

    Well, this is nice ….I will wait for the android app though….
    Now that you filled this big hole in the Freshbooks wall,when do I get to see the monthly statements coming?I mean every time I send a statement it includes everything from the beginning,all the invoices issued.
    My clients are fed up with this and they want MONTHLY STATEMENTS, not 15 pages of unuseful stuff.
    I don’t know how come you didn’t have this included from the start.EVERYBODY here in Canada uses monthly statements.
    ….I think this is the 15th time when I’m asking you to introduce these….Other than that ,everything’s okay.

  • Shaun McLane

    Hey Freshbooks team. Very long time FB user here, and also Android user (yes, I voted for my device). It appears Xero has dropped an incredible Android app for their service today. I had never heard of them, but after seeing the app, I signed up for a free trial. I’m only saying this because I’m hoping to hear the Android app is right around the corner. I’m on the road all day every day, and a mobile app is hugely important – especially one following the google recommended guidelines. I can’t imagine the hassle it would be to transfer to another service, but I’ve gotta say, it’s worth it to me to have a solid mobile app. Hope you guys take this to heart – you’re an amazing company, and I’ve been with you from the start (well, almost). It just seems you’re missing one very big component, and until that arrives, there are better options out there.

  • John Gallagher

    Great app. The 3rd party apps just weren’t gettin’ it done anymore. But can you add a filter so I can turn off everyone else’s time logging? I have a hard enough time tracking my own hours…mix in my staff’s hours and I am lost. I’m still using 3rd party apps for time tracking until that comes along.

  • John

    Would be nice to have “cash” as a payment option in the app.

  • Kenneth H

    Thank you for explaining how to login with Google Apps account. Also, the iPhone version is looking quite splendid! It is certainly very freshbooks-like and visually appealing. I would also like the ability to Create Support tickets via Mobile. As we are trying to keep costs as low as possible, I’m reluctant to subscribe to another third-party app just to handle my support tickets, even if FB can link to them. I’d rather just have it all in one place. Thanks for listening!

  • Thomas @ Abundant Computer Services, LLC

    Do you know how much longer until the android app will come out? I do not want to have to pay $9.95 for a third party app. Please come out with it soon!

  • Kalman

    Any progress on the android app???

  • Bill

    When I use the iPhone app to track time, it prompts me to create a project rather than just displaying the projects and tasks I’ve already created. Is that correct, or am I missing something?

  • Bill

    You may disregard my last comment. I opened the app today, and all my projects are now populating.

  • Matt

    Love your iPhone app use it all the time. I would love to see one feature added though. It would be awesome to have a total hours per work day in the calendar view, like the way it is on the web version.


    Keep up the good work!

  • http://notyet Garry

    ipad app please?

  • Garry

    ipad app please – i do most of this stuff after I leave my desk! =)

  • Milli

    Freshbook app for iPhone is great for business owners. It actually works anytime, anywhere. Friends, you can have complete entertainment news and gossip with iGossips for iPhone.

  • Darren

    this is great news, I can’t wait to try the receipt snapshot feature. Well done Freshbooks!

  • Benny

    Any news on Android app? We love to hear.

  • Joseph

    I’ll throw my name in the hat as well for getting the Android app out especially optimized for the Nexus 7. The IOS App is awesome and I do use it but I’ve been preferring my tablet a lot more later and this is one app I miss.

    Thanks again for all your awesome things you guys are doing.

  • Suzanne Polloc

    Just installed the Freshbooks app for iPad and it is terrific! Big thank you to Freshbooks for supporting business, small and large.

    It would be great to have a mileage/kilometres calculator in the iPad app to help with figuring out the expense amount (rather than having to go into google maps and then calculator). Thanks again to the Freshbooks team.

  • David

    Have been using NeadMoney Pro on Android for a while and while it is functional for the majority of my uses its lack luster. Design / layout looks like there was almost no time put into it.

    Glad you have chosen to provide a polished GUI for your app as well as more features but it really cant come soon enough for us android users.

  • Hector

    Android APP Pleaseeee, I am pretty sure that Freshbooks will be even more loved when an Android APP is released.

  • Vlad

    Android app pleaseeee, i already voted 10 times so surely you must know how much it would mean to ‘us’. eventhough i use a third-party app at the moment and its pretty good,an official (good) app will go a long way and your marketing/acc dep will love it too :-)

  • Ryan Hall

    Will the app be updated for iPhone 5?

  • Anne

    This one is cool! This will inculcate good habits and motivate us to check on how much money we spend and how much time we waste.

  • James Leung

    Hi, can you include a search feature when selecting clients when creating invoices?

  • Kevin Dolin

    Really need to get an android app out. At lease for the most popular phones(Galaxy S3). I’m very happy with everything freshbooks does and i’m still in my 30 day trial. Still not sure if I will choose to stay with freshbooks unless there is news of it coming to android soon. It is pretty necessary that we have mobile access.

    • tmsiguy

      I have the android app on my samsung note II for a few months now… playstore

  • Chris

    I completely agree with Kevin Dolin. Quickbooks Online offers apps for Android users which is great, but I like the layout and simpleness of Freshbooks. I’m debating on which one I should use. I run all Android devices and run my company through my 4G tablet which is Android. If Freshbooks announces that they are at least working on an app for Androids I will stay with Freshbooks.

  • da_n

    Great news for those special ones who use Apple products, what about those users who prefer Android? I appreciate all the arguments about going iOS first etc, but please consider offering even a basic Android app so non-special people can access Freshbooks on the go. Also kind of ridiculous to only consider Apple users when Android has greater market share. Thanks.

  • Josh

    Blackberry 10 App please!

  • ecell online

    Man, did I like this app! Saves me from the invoice headaches as it makes my finances all easy-peasy. All thanks to FreshBooks :)

    • Faraz

      Faraz from FreshBooks here, wanted to stop by and say thanks for the shout-out & glad to hear you’re liking the app.

  • Rebecca

    Can I mark an invoice as paid in the app? I can’t see where to do it.

    • JaclynTanner

      Hi Rebecca,

      You sure can :-) Just tap on the invoice number followed by the “More Actions” button at the bottom. In the following menu, tap on “Enter Payment”, fill in the necessary information, and finally tap “Save” at the top right of the screen. Easy, peasy, lemon squeasy!


  • honeysucklelife

    Have you had any reports of the app not syncing properly with an account? I’m unable to get updated expenses on my app.

    • Tim

      Hey there!

      Sorry that you’re running into trouble. To better help you, we’ll need more info regarding the type of phone you’re using, as well as the version of your app.

      Feel free to email us at support at freshbooks dot com with your account url and above info, and we’ll be happy to take a look at it more in depth there.


      – Tim @ FreshBooks