6 Weeks Faster: FreshBooks has helped people do a billion dollars in invoicing in 2011

1 Billion Graphic

One Billion Dollars invoiced through FreshBooks is more than just a big number to us, it is a GIANT number. And the FreshBooks economy reached it in 33% less time than last year.

This is a HUGE deal as it is a yearly indication of our sustained growth over the past 7 years. And it’s an indication that (very) small businesses are using services like FreshBooks to save even more time and run successful businesses.

For those following FreshBooks over the years, you may already know this, but for the others, we are pretty excited to have met this milestone 6 full weeks sooner than last year. So we’ve circled February 14th on our calendar next year to be known as FreshBooks’ One Billion Invoiced day, because currently there is nothing important happening on February 14th.

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  • http://www.viewstreetmedia.ca Ryan

    Are you guys serious?

    When I first started to read this post I thought you were celebrating 1 Billion Dolars invoiced over the LIFE of freshbooks……..then I realized you were talking about hitting 1 Billion Dolars invoiced for JUST the first 3 months of 2011. Holy crap.

    Who would have thought that a well designed and managed invoicing company could have such and impact. You guys must be rolling in it over there…….

    Well done. What an inspiration you guys are for all us aspiring entrepeneurs.

  • http://www.freshbooks.com Saul Colt

    hey Ryan,

    Thanks for the comment. I assure you we are not “rolling in it” but we are trying our best to do some cool things.

    Head of Magic

  • http://www.viewstreetmedia.ca Ryan

    It reminds me of that Seinfeld standup skit where he’s talking about the 2 billion dollar burgers sold at McDonalds.

    OK! Enough already! We get it. Why don’t you stop adding up the numbers and just say “McDonalds – We’re doing very well.”


  • http://fundtimes.wordpress.com Tamar Cloyd

    Awww, I love it (freshbooks, that is :) Congrats on this milestone and yeah, Feb. is a pretty slow month to begin with so the 14th sounds about right…