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February 2, 2006

Let’s start with the name: Why “Intersection”?
Well, this blog is going to be regularly updated with topical content. What kind of content? Web DESIGN content. Web DEVELOPMENT content. Web MARKETING content. This blog is going to tie these three things together. It’s NOT going to be the crossroads of these things – it’s going to be the intersection.

Who’s blogging?
Great question. Currently 6 people will be blogging: three people from 2ndSite and three friends of 2ndSite:

Mike McDerment (Design, branding, marketing, startups)
Mike has been blogging since August 2005 is the co-founder of 2ndSite. This being his third business, you could say he’s a bit of an entrepreneur. His background is business, design and internet marketing, and he guest lectures at Humber College on these topics.

Kathy Donoghue (Copywriting, marketing, project stuff)
Intersection will be Kathy’s first blog, but she is a copywriter with an English degree. She likes libraries. Kathy worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers managing e-business projects before changing pace and teaching yoga. She now has great posture and has returned to technology and marketing with 2ndSite.

Daniel Tsang (Development, design and usability)
Daniel is a quick study and key developer at 2ndSite. He’s been involved with Mike’s blog and likes to post there. He often does write-ups on new development techniques that we use internally at 2ndSite. Now he’s going to share them.

Mark Evans (App reviews, news and business models)
Mark is one of Canada’s leading technology journalists and is a panelist at many big tech conferences around the world. He is an active blogger (usually about 3+ posts per day) and was one of the first tech journalists north of the 49th to take an interest in Web 2.0.

David Crow (Development, design and usability)
Development is a lifestyle for David, and he has been blogging since August 2000. David has pretty much single handedly restored life to the software development community in Toronto and he likes to play with and discuss development tools, so we’ve invited him here to do more of what he likes to do. David says, “This will be fun.” We agree.

Rob Hyndman (Privacy, legal and venture capital, small business law)
Rob is a technology lawyer who architected many tech deals before, during and after the bubble. Rob is a busy blogger (about 3+ posts a day), frequently teaches, speaks and writes on technology, business and the law, is passionate about giving sensible, useful advice to small, dynamic tech businesses. That’s why he now practices law from a wired home office.

So, roll call is over. We hope you enjoy your visits to Intersection.

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