Boost Your Brain Batteries with Distract-igami

April 7, 2015

Have you been filing your taxes for what feels like years? Chained to the same place with only distant memories of family and friends?

Take a quick break with FreshBooks’ Distract-igami. It’s a fun way to hit the tax time pause button, do something that isn’t your taxes for a moment, then get back to it with more focus.

Simply print it out, follow the folding instructions, and leave the Distract-igami at your work station for whenever you need a brain break.

When you’re ready, just follow these steps to reveal your mission:

  1. Select one of the four words (for example, “Play”).
  2. Spell out the letters of the word (P-L-A-Y) while opening and closing the Distract-igami.
  3. Pick a number, then open and close the Distract-igami that many times.
  4. Pick a new (visible) number, lift the flap, and begin recharging your brain batteries.


about the author

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