Caroling to Customers with the FreshBooks Crew

Go Caroling Day took place on Thursday December 20th and the FreshBooks crew thought it was the perfect day to bring some holiday cheer to unsuspecting customers in the Toronto area. I was lucky enough to tag along, listening to the beautiful melody of the FreshBooks Choir Club consisting of Taavi, Taylor, Qi Ying, Sandy, Tim, Danni, Elisa, Anton and Marguerite. Here’s a clip of the Carolers serenading several FreshBooks customers in their offices and studios:

By the way, here is the Support schedule for the holiday season:

Monday December 24th – Open 9am-6pm.
Tuesday December 25th – Closed to observe Christmas Day.
Wednesday December 26th – Closed to observe Boxing Day.
Monday December 31st – Open 9am-6pm.
Tuesday January 1st – Closed to observe New Years Day.

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