Costume Contest ’11: Vote for Your Favourite!

October 31, 2011

Update: Beatriz has won our 2011 Costume Contest for her amazing Carmen Sandiego disguise! Another congratulations to the winning customer Tara Harte who won our random draw! Thanks to everyone for sending in their votes.

It’s that time of the year again where the staff at FreshBooks go all out and create some ghoulish delight with our trick or treat worthy costumes. As usual, we ask our awesome blog readers and customers (Hey, that’s you!) to help us decide which costume will rule supreme. So come and check out our colourful cast of characters, and vote for your favourite by commenting below.

If you prefer to tweet away, you can also vote via Twitter! Just hashtag your vote with #FBHalloween and the winner will be announced Tuesday afternoon!

Bonus! All the folks who leave a comment or tweet in their favorite photo vote will automatically be entered in a contest to win a $50 iTunes giftcard! Happy Halloween to all!

First off the bat, we have Shaun as “Shaun” from “Shaun of the Dead”. Zombie outbreak? No worries, we’ll take the car. Go to Mum’s. Kill Phil (Sorry Phil!), grab Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

Jill Valentine

Speaking of Zombies, there’s no better person to help you escape the latest zombie outbreak than Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil Series! Played by one of our support rockstar, Nox.

Zombie Cowboy

Already bitten and turned into an undead? No worries, at least Levi here’s looking stylish as a Zombie Cowboy!

Show off some mutant pride! Here’s Grace as the powerful Magneto from the X-Men series!

The internet memes are taking over! Here’s Daniel as the Nyan Cat.

Feeling lucky? Here’s Mike as the daredevil Evil Knievel!

Stop the puck! Here’s Stu as a referee for our favourite canucks sport, hockey!

Tim as Little Big Planet

Fan of the PS3? Here’s Tim L. as Little Big Planet!

Vonell is here to present one of the nominated Oscars for Best Song as the one and only Bjork!

Casey as Ghost of Johnny Cash

Speaking of best Songs, here’s Casey as The Ghost of Johnny Cash.

Melina as a Black and White Photo

How very classy! Here’s Melina as a Black and White photo!

Tim C. as Russell from "Up"

“Adventure is Out There!” indeed! Here’s Tim C. as Russell from the Pixar movie, “Up”.

Ramiro as Mario

It’s not Halloween without our favourite plumber! Here’s Ramiro as Mario!

Jen as a Princess

Perhaps Ramiro above would like to rescue a different princess this time? Here’s Jen as a Princess!

John C. as Captain Jack Sparrow

Why is the rum gone? Here’s John C. as our very own Captain Jack Sparrow!

Darrell as Generic Rockstar

We have many Rockstars here at FreshBooks, here’s Darrell as a generic rock stars! (as oppose to a specific one.)

Theresa as Nurse Joy

Someone help my Pokemon! Here’s Theresa as the lovely Nurse Joy!

Nelson as a Pokeball

Speaking of Pokemons, here’s our intern Nelson as a Pokeball!

Sunir as Pumpkin Farmer

At FreshBooks, we also have pumpkin carving contest on Halloween, here’s hoping that Sunir, as the Pumpkin farmer, will win.

Chris as Luchador

Are you ready to rumble? Here’s Chris as Luchador!

Patrick as a Web Server

Patrick sure has a lot of web on him, that’s because he’s a “WEB” server, get it? Web server?

Rae as a Wrestling Boxer

Rae sure packs a punch when she’s dressed as a boxing wrestler!

Beatriz as Carmen Sandiego

Follow her trail! Where in the world is Beatriz, dressed up as Carmen Sandiego?

Jason as Walter Sobchak

Well, sir, it’s this rug I had. It really tied the room together! Here’s Jason D. as Walter Sobchak from “The Big Lebowski”

Avrum as Rage Faces

At this rate, Avrum might just be forever alone.

Tom as Animal Attack

There are wild animals on the loose! Here’s Tom as “Animal Attack”.

Adam as The Dude

Another “Big Lebowski” reference, here’s Adam as “The Dude”.

Raj as Red Skeletor

Run for your life! It’s Raj as the Red Skeletor!

Mitch as Master Chief

Any Halo Players out there? Here’s Mitch as a more professional Master Chief.

Ramin as DJ Lance Rock!

Yo Gabba Gabba! Here’s Ramin as DJ Lance Rock!

Colin as Clark Kent

Just like Clark Kent, Colin is indistinguishable when he has his glasses on.

Sandy as LRRH

Hey Sandy, your paw sure looks different! Here’s a scary Little Red Riding Hood!

Scott as Bubbles

Here’s Scott as “Bubbles” from the Trailer Park Boys series!

Kasey as Flapper

Here’s Kasey as a beautiful 1920s Flapper.

Jamaal as a Zombie / Zamaal

More Zombies around the office! Here’s Jamaal as a Zombie, which we’d like to call “Zamaal”.

Taylor as a Baby

Here’s Taylor as a big, scary, baby.

Richard as Soundwave

Decepticon! Attack! Here’s Richard as Soundwave!

Jeremy as The Future

Ever wonder what will happen to you tomorrow? Perhaps it’s time to consult Jeremy, who’s dressed as “The Future” from Logan’s run!

Amanda as Siri

We knew that Siri resides in your iPhone, but we didn’t know she was this pretty in person! Thanks Siri for letting us know how much wood can a woodchuck chuck.

Darryl as Demon Baby-Dad

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, Darryl as the Demon Baby-Dad!

Steve as Lt. Jim Dangle

It’s Steve as the ridiculous Lt. Jim Dangle from “Reno 911!”

Tara as Zombie Super Woman

Even Superwoman isn’t immune to a Zombie Outbreak! Here’s Tara as a terrifying Zombie Superwoman!

Jane as Hit Girl

Crime fighting have never been easier with Hit Girl as your Sidekick, played by our wonderful Jane!

Penny as a Girl Scout

Have your purchased your girl scout cookies this year yet? Our favourite flavours here at FreshBooks is the mint chocolate one, and Penny’s got a few boxes!

Anton as Mario Pipe

Mario will need to watch out for Anton the Koopa Pipe as he tries to rescue his princess!

David as Horse Head Business Guy

David is here as the Horse Head Business Guy, it’s an internet meme thing.

Fabiola as a Musketeer

One for all and all for one! Here’s Fabiola as a Musketeer!

Jon as Mr. Butler-tron

Fan of the series “Clone High” will see that Jon is dressed up as “Mr. Butler-tron”

Kavi as Construction Worker

Last but not least, we have Kavi dressed up as a construction worker!

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