Costume Contest ’12: Vote for Your Favorite!

Update: Phil has won our 2012 Costume Contest for his incredible Marvin the Martian creation. And a big congrats also goes to Karina for winning our random draw of comments and tweets. Thanks to everyone for sending in your votes, see you next year! 

Halloween has finally arrived at FreshBooks and the staff have certainly outdone themselves this year with unbelievable costumes sure to delight your eyeballs.

As we do every single year, we’re asking you – our fantastic blog readers, customers and friends – to scan through the costumes and vote for your favorite by leaving a comment below. You can also vote via Twitter by using the hashtag #Freshoween.

The winner will be the costume who receives the most votes. You win too: By casting your vote you will be automatically entered to win a $50 iTunes giftcard (one vote per person please)! Winners will be announced Thursday at 5pm.

Here’s Levi as Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores, walking the halls and sensuously bellowing George Michael’s Careless Whisper.

Bloodcurdling Aaron Wright brings Dexter to the FreshBooks office.

Pat showing his social side as Facebook’s default photo or silhouette if you will. Make sure to comment on, like, share, post or tag yourself in this photo.

Steve B makes a saucy Captain Zapp Brannigan; sailing the Futurama solar systems enforcing Brannigan’s law.

My Milk Sheikh brings all the boys to the yard!  Here’s Yves making sure all of our coffees have the right proportion of cream as the Milk Sheikh.

No need to fear, our very own CEO and co-founder Mike’s version of the muscle man is here! Just make sure you’ve booked an appointment with him first.

Communications Officer Lt. Campbell – can you descramble the incoming Klingon transmission? I’m afraid we’ll have to prepare the ship for battle.

Vamos, Vamos, Vamos! Fabi, Dustin and Ramiro wreak havoc on the FreshBooks crew as members of the Vatos Locos street gang.

Trouble in your account?  Not to worry.  Here’s Sandy as Freakazoid!, ready to conquer super villains dwelling within FreshBooks.

Here’s Support Rockstar Wayne as The Joker, seeking asylum from Gotham City within the walls of FreshBooks.

You need to wear big waders to phish email correctly. Casey. Internet Humorist.

Sweet Daisy is bringing Star Wars to FreshBooks as the new resident office ewok.

Has Karl Lagerfeld ever looked so good? Vonnell is definitely channelling this beloved fashion designer’s high quality sass.

Ruh roh! Looks like Support Rockstar Alex has gotten himself into a wee bit of trouble operating his BBQ.

Phil as Marvin the Martian says: “brace yourself for immediate disintergration!” Please Marvin, don’t be so angry!

All that’s missing are the tigers. Jackie & Rob make a wickedly splendid Siegfried and Roy – have you caught their latest Vegas show?

Yarrr! Straight from the raging seas of Legoland, here’s Faraz as pirate Lego man.

Flying through the statosphere AND helping out small business owners with FreshBooks?  No biggie for Matt, who’s wowing the world as daredevil Felix Baumgartner of the Red Bull Stratos mission.

Lindsay B is unstoppable as a rockin’ steampunker.

A perfect accessory for any living space! Here’s Tim as a deer trophy head – I’ll take two please.

Jason, you make one scary Captain Spaulding.

Calin says if you haven’t been using FreshBooks you’re definitely going to be visited by Dr. Painvoice…

Skin crawling? Watch out for Andre as Mike Myers.

Joele as Marge Simpson is missin’ her Homie.

Victorian vampire Theresa is taking a bite out of FreshBooks.

The dev team works together on every level, just like Tetris – Craig, Anton, Richard, Ian, Steve, Dani, Elisa, Marguerite, Barum, Scott & Shaun

As if one sax guy wasn’t enough, John is Buzz, the epic sax guy showing the world he can keep up with Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores any day of the week.

Ashok the Mad Scientist is hatching master plans on best ways to capture the moon.

Donald shows us the real Lance Armstrong.

Adam knows the 80s are making one heckuva comeback for bad boys everywhere.

Ever so crafty, Thomas as Chairman Meow is hatching revolutionary theories about how cats and dogs could share resources equally.

Dance, flower, dance. Jeff is getting jiggy with it as the Dancing Flower.

Oh no! Mister Long has become Dr. Evil. Beware mini-me who may be lurking….

Will Neo follow the white rabbit? Aaron Eg is about to enter The Matrix.

Here’s Jonathan looking red hot as Tommy the Red Power Ranger.

Forever anthropologist at heart, Jane, aka Amanda, Goodall is interviewing chimps to learn the secrets of how to woo clients.

Jason Wu wants to know if you’re up for a fight? This heavy-hitting, rock-throwing tank of destruction is ready

A visit from Penny as Audrey Hepburn is making Halloween at FreshBooks a very glamorous affair.

Finally, some standard Zombie goodness from Alex Solomon.

Try sending this Killer Bee to go after those tardy clients! Just kidding, look at that nice smile, Jillian will surely just ask nicely for payment.

Watchout bad guys. Lara Croft via Nox from Angel of Darkness is here.

Hey Jeremy aka the famous new media artist Jeremy Bailey! I heard you really like new media arts, so I put some new media arts in your new media arts! It’s a new media art-ception!

Watch out FreshBooks! Better not make any HR complaints today, or Ms. Harley Quinn here might send Mr. J to you with a pink slip!

She’s strong to the finich, Cause she eats her spinach. Grace is Popeye the Sailor Maaaaan!

Gloomy bear may look all soft and cuddly, but did you know he eats humans? One of our interns learned that the hard way!

Yee-haw! Here’s Natalia as a cowgirl, riding in on her horse straight from a whip-slingin’ rodeo.

Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, drops by the office after cooking up some old fashioned burgers.

Come on, let’s get to it, you know you want to… vote for last year’s champion Beatriz as Dora the Explorer.

Run for your lives! It’s the cookie monster! Make sure to clear your cache while you’re at it!

Here’s Justine as Wednesday Addams, looking as evil and conniving as ever.

There’s no mistaking this finely dressed Charlie Chaplin is none other than Camps, and he is stylin’ even when he’s silent.

Princess Cherry is a beautiful sight in her hues of pink!

Get enlightened by Sam as the Prior of Ori.

PSY IS IN DA HOUSE! Pump the beats with Rae, it’s time to dance: gangnam style.

 Isn’t that Jesse? Think again! And you better run quick, this is Jesse’s evil twin.

Some say that the much loved character Domo “communicates sotto voce with a verve that only his friends can understand.”

Taavi introduces us to the newest Disney princess: Governor Marley

To the TARDIS! Here’s Wyatt as our time traveling time lord, Dr. Who!

Avrum is Marty McFly and he’s goin’ Back to the Future

Natasha is rollin’ in the deep as Adele!

Here are Daniel and Tim as 50 Shades of Grey.  Or 50 Shades of Grey x 2.  Or 100 shades of grey.  Look, however many Shades of Grey you see here, we promise you it’s a less mundane than it sounds – just read the book.

Can Taylor sing the theme song as Yakko from Animaniacs? You bet this rockstar can. Goodnight everybody!!!

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