Day 2 – The Twelve Days of Freshtivus

December 6, 2011

It’s day 2 of the Twelve Days of Freshtivus! Since holidays are all about sharing and giving, we’re using this opportunity to share an inside look at FreshBooks HQ, as well as give away some random prizes! Another chapter of our story continues today where Sam, our hero in invoicing distress, gets visited by the Ghost of Invoicing past to learn a little bit about our history and our developers here at FreshBooks!

As many of you know, FreshBooks began when Mike, co-founder and current CEO of FreshBooks, wrongfully saved over an invoice he created in Microsoft Word. In that moment, “creating a better way to invoice” became his mission. He sought out talented developers to build the team. And now FreshBooks is home to over 25 developers (and growing!) who build and maintain every component of the web app including the API.

The FreshBooks developer team comes from all sorts of backgrounds, from Archaeology to Design and Painting, and are involved in hobbies from opera singing to craft beer tasting. The three virtues of programming certainly applies to them, and they’re proud to be here to tackle technical problems and to create solutions that makes it easy to handle billing and invoices. In fact you can always catch a glimpse of what the FreshBooks Programmers are up to on their developers blog.

Watch the video below to see Sam’s journey into Development land, and don’t forget that you can still enter in Day one’s contest to win an $100 Visa gift card!

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