Expense Glamour Shots: How Freelancers Rise Above the Competition with Snazzy Receipts Photos

April 1, 2016

From heavy competition to managing your business, being self employed isn’t easy. Now with the help of FreshBooks, freelancers can rise above the competition by creating Expense Glamour Shots.

While anyone can snap pictures of regular ol’ paper, it’s quite another to stand out by stylizing your receipts into impressive Expense Glamour Shots.

With the combined power of the FreshBooks iOS app and this easy guide, you’ll be wow wow wowing your clients in no time.

Below is a simple, step-by-step guide on creating the perfect Expense Glamour Shot, or as Instagram calls them, a “flat lay.” We sat down with three inspiring people to see what inspires their Expense Glamour Shots.

Step 1: Setting-Up Your Shot

Above: Daria thinks about the perfect placement for her glasses, not realizing she can’t see anything without them.

“When I’m not busy doing design things with computers, I’m on the streets looking for great backgrounds to shoot my Expense Receipts.” – Daria, Art Director and Glamour Shot Enthusiast

When setting up your shot, always remember the simple acronym:


Step 2: Photographing the Photograph

Above: Joel risks it all and goes to great heights to get that “just right” shot to impress his client.

When it comes down to it, lighting is the most important thing. Here are some #hot lighting tips.

“Sometimes when I’m taking the photo, I can’t see anything, only total darkness. Then I realize my eyes are closed and so I open them.” – Joel, Real-Life Construction Worker and Forgetful Human

Above: Emerson is late for his Magic the Gathering game but doesn’t even care because he wants to outdo the competition with the perfect shot.

“When my clients tell me over and over again to ‘Just send the receipt next time,’ I really feel like the hours spent getting the shot were worth it.” – Emerson, IT Consultant and Hug-Giver.

Pro Tip: The customer isn’t always right. Even when your clients ask you to simply send the receipt, it’s more likely they just didn’t like your composition and you should really just try again.

Step 3: Admiring Your Hard Work

Now take a step back and admire your work.

Wow. Just wow.

Like pizza, there isn’t one way to slice an Expense Glamour Shot. Everyone chooses their own toppings and at the end of the day, it’s about getting the right balance. Next time you shoot, be sure to print out this handy guide and staple it to your arm for easy reference.

Because you run your own business, you know that time i$ money. So we recommend invoicing your client for the extra time you spent capturing the Expense Glamour Shot. We’re 100% positive in these cash-rich times that your clients will see this unexpected cost as a happy-making moment in their banal days.

If you want to be a #GlamourShot diva but don’t have the newly updated FreshBooks iOS app, you can easily download it here. It also helps you run your business better.

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