Healthy Body, Healthy Business: Join the FreshBooks Fitness Challenge

February 15, 2017

Running a small business takes a lot of time, energy and dedication. Therefore other important areas, like fitness, often play second fiddle.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone: 80 percent of people who start a new health routine fail by the middle of February. When it comes to planning a health and fitness routine, finding the time and energy to follow through can seem difficult, especially for the busy entrepreneur.  The good new is, there are plenty of ways to stay motivated! One highly effective strategy is to ‘buddy-up’. Exercising as part of a group increases accountability, significantly decreases drop-out rate and–let’s face it–is a whole lot more fun.

This year, FreshBooks wants to buddy-up with *you*!

Join The #100Millionlbs Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the ultimate group workout: The 100 Million Pound Movement. The goal is simple–to collectively lift 100 million pounds by the end of the year.

How it Works:

Any weight you lift counts towards the group goal of 100 Million pounds. For example, say you do 8 bicep curls holding 10 pound weights. That’s 160 pounds (8 curls x 20 pounds). If you are lifting your own body weight, 70% of your body weight multiplied by the number of reps counts toward the goal.

Easy as (sugar-free) pie!

How You Can Join the Fun:

  1. Head over to Instagram and post a fitness-related photo (ie. Gym selfie, post workout smoothie etc…)
  2. Include the hashtag #100millionlbs along with the weight you’ve lifted in the caption.
  3. Tag @freshbooks

We will post monthly updates to the FreshBooks Instagram account so you can follow the team’s progress.

There are many reasons for joining the 100 Million Pound Movement. Aside from the obvious health benefits, participants who use the #100Millionlbs hashtag will be entered to win some FreshBooks fitness swag. Plus, staying active has direct advantages for your business.

Staying active has direct advantages for your business.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Business

Healthy living is known to be directly correlated with increased productivity and overall happiness. So it’s no surprise more and more workplaces, like Google and Whole Foods, offer employees practical ways to keep fit and energized. FreshBooks is also leading the charge. For example, FreshBookers are encouraged to downward dog at a free lunchtime yoga class, purchase items like running shoes using an Active Living Credit, or grab a healthy snack on-the-go. While on the surface these may seem like cool perks, for the employer it’s simply smart business.

Here’s why:

If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of your business. Join FreshBooks in the 100 Million Pound challenge today and let’s lift our way to a stronger, happier and healthier tomorrow.

about the author

Manager of Support, FreshBooks Colin is a Manager of Support at FreshBooks. He brings a unique perspective to the FreshBooks blog with his extensive background in people management and customer service. Fun fact: He is also a ‘serial hobbyist’ with collections ranging from taxidermy to vintage sunglasses.

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