New: Late Fees & Reminders Added to FreshBooks iOS App

Working on the go just got a whole lot easier thanks to these updates to the FreshBooks iOS app.

From mornings at the job site to afternoon client meetings, working away from your computer is pretty standard. And when you need to invoice on-the-go or track an expense instantly, the FreshBooks iOS app is ready to serve.

To help you save time, there are now more features to (literally) keep in your back pocket. Without having to run home to your computer, you can add late fees & reminders to any invoice from the iOS app. This new update means you can enjoy more freedom to work anywhere and even avoid tense client conversations.

iOS Late Fees & Reminders: What Are They?

Nobody enjoys awkward client conversations. Instead of sending uncomfortable emails or psyching yourself up to make that call, let FreshBooks do the nagging for you. Using this feature, you can easily customize late fees and reminders for every invoice – and now do it from the palm of your hand.

You don’t have to add them for every bill, but can always be a headache-saving addition to your invoice terms.

How It Works

Adding Late Fees & Reminders to your mobile invoices is quick, here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open your mobile app and tap Invoices at the bottom. Create a new invoice, add a client and then tap “Send Reminders” and / or “Charge Late Fees.”

FreshBooks iOS app

Step 2: For charging late fees, simply customize to your desire and tap ok.

FreshBooks iOS app

Step 3: And if you decide to add reminders, simply follow the steps to customize and tap ok.

FreshBooks iOS app


Need a hand with either the iOS or Android app? Visit this helpful FAQ or give our award-winning Support Team a shout:

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