Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Aug 12, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Format: From Part-time to Professional: How to manage your creative business
Ready to take your creative business to the next level? Download our free 40+ page PDF guide to learn how to tackle those tricky hurdles to starting your creative business. (download pdf)

Speckyboy: 50 Free Resources for Web Designers for August 2016
“The tremendous thing about the design community is that we all love to share. We really do. Whether we share our thoughts and ideas via an in-depth article or by giving advice/feedback on a forum, or even by freely offering high-quality resources. ” (read)

Dennis Williams II on LinkedIn: What Happens if the Government Kills Influencer Marketing?
“The FTC is determined to bring light on to the relationship between the celebrities and the products they’re endorsing online. They’re insisting that endorsers need to be clear when they’re getting paid to promote a product and using hashtags like #ad, #sp, #sponsored are not enough.” (read)

HOW: Top 10 Sites for Designers
Every month, HOW art director Adam Ladd curates a list of inspiring websites of particular interest to designers and creatives. (read)

FreshBooks mobile gives you the freedom to invoice anywhere


The Next Web: 7 mental models you should know for smarter decision making
“Whether it’s trying to figure out which job you should take, deciding to quit your job to start a business, move to a new city — these decisions are never easy.Yet there are people who make highly impactful decisions on a regular basis, and they’ve developed mental models to help them make smarter decisions.” (read)

New York Times: The Blog That Disappeared
“When we use their services, we trust that companies like Google will preserve some of the most personal things we have to share. They trust that we will not read the fine print.” (read)

The New Yorker: Why We Pine for Manufacturing
“Such emotional, political, and even existential attachment to manufacturing is strange, however. Manufacturing employs less than nine per cent of America’s workers, and other American industries are flourishing, here and abroad.” (read)

The Guardian: What does artificial intelligence mean for the creative mind?
“While AI is poised to transform our industries and technologies, just like electricity did in the mid-twentieth century, AI has the potential to change art, creativity and the way brands and agencies create the next generation of experiences.” (read)

By / Featuring FreshBooks

Jewish Review: Putting the Fresh in FreshBooks
The new FreshBooks is built from the ground up, so we can update and evolve it much better and much faster. Plus, we can come up with new features much quicker, and we’ll be able to help our customers collaborate with new businesses and other businesses in their network much better.” (read)

Huffington Post: Fintech Lending is Bringing Back Small Biz Financing
“After years of traditional lenders overlooking emerging companies, entrepreneurs are tackling financing and lending with the intention of serving other entrepreneurs—and as a result, have introduced new financial products tailored to small business needs.” (read)

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