Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup May 6, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Startupland: How do you build culture at a five-person company?
“Now that we’re a team, one of the first things that surprised me was how much everyone cares. As a founder you think you care more than anyone else about your business, but I’ll come in some weekends and the team will have been here a few hours before me, and I had no idea they were planning to work.” (read)

TechCrunch: Instagram Business Profiles to feature ‘Contact’ buttons, directions and more
The most visible difference between the business profile and a personal one is the new, white “Contact” button at the top of the screen, to the left of the “Follow” button.(read)

Instagram Business Profiles


Fast Company: Three Ways To Reinvent Your Career For The New Economy
“More and more in the years ahead, modern workers will have a series of careers and will constantly have to find new ways to stay relevant in the job market.” (read)

FreshBooks mobile gives you the freedom to invoice anywhere

The Drum: The truth about social media algorithms – and why marketers should welcome rather than fear them
“algorithms don’t hide your content, they often actively promote it; the very focus on them misses the entire opportunity of modern social media marketing; and if anything marketers should be first in line to campaign for more of them to be introduced.” (read)

Naytev: What Networks Does BuzzFeed Actually Use?
If you think content is a “build it and they will come” proposition, this is a wake up call. Even Buzzfeed doesn’t think that way: the vast majority is distributed through channels other than their website. (read)

A Little Levity:)

Netflix: The Power Of A Picture
Interesting tidbits about the Netflix thumbnails we click on: “Our members respond to villainous characters surprisingly well in both kids and action genres in particular.” (read)


By or About FreshBooks

Blog: Behind Our CEO: An Interview with Mike McDerment’s Mother
“I think you have to have a long perspective for entrepreneurs; it takes a long time to “catch”. And they put in an awful lot of work on the front end to make something happen.” (read)

CEO Mike McDerment and Mom

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