New: Learning Hub for FreshBooks Fundamentals

Take advantage of our brand-new learning hub to make the most out of your FreshBooks account.

We’ve built FreshBooks to be easy and intuitive for users of all levels, even if you’re new to accounting. With award-winning support and helpful hints in the app, our hope is that you can get up and running with FreshBooks in a flash.

But with any new software, there can be a bit of a learning curve. That’s why we’ve created our Learning Hub curriculum. So, no matter your learning style, you now have options to make the most out of your FreshBooks experience.

Plus, we’ve designed it to be totally customizable. You can start from the very beginning and watch each lesson, or jump around in any order to find that one video you need.

Curious to learn more? Take a look below.

Learning Hub Videos: What Are They?

Did you know that these videos are hosted by our very own Support Rockstars? It just makes sense! After all, they work hard every day to help customers navigate the app and know first-hand about the most frequently asked questions.

For easy access, all videos are conveniently stored in one place: the Learning Hub. In this portal, you’ll find tips and tricks on topics like:

  • Setting Up Your account
  • Invoicing
  • Estimates and Proposals
  • Expenses
  • Projects
  • Time Tracking
  • Mobile

The videos are free and won’t expire, so you’ll be able to customize your learning experience depending on what your business needs in the moment. From tax season to growing your team, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

We’re thrilled that our first e-learning curriculum is live. It’s designed to help both new and existing FreshBooks users get the most out of their account. So, whether they watch every video or just pick a few, our hope is that the content will help them run their business better, in less time.” – Jen Marvell, Director, Acquisition

But wait, there’s more: Our Fundamentals course is just the beginning. Next up, we’ll be creating videos that cover major updates to new FreshBooks so you can continue to maximize productivity.

Learning Hub Videos: Here’s What You’ll See

e-learning videos

Here’s your Learning Hub! From here, you can select videos using the menu on the left. You’ll also be able to access our award-winning Support Team if you have additional questions.

With a mix of both in-app “how to” and on-screen guidance, these videos are bite-sized lessons designed to save you time.

Here’s another popular video. This one gives actionable tips on how to get your invoices out the door quickly so you can get paid faster. And even though we have FAQ for questions like this, the video is a helpful option those who prefer.

Ready to dive in? Check out all the videos in our Learning Hub.

Bonus tip: If you’d like to watch a few videos, be sure to log in before pressing play so you can track your progress.


This is just the latest way FreshBooks is here to help you thrive. If you prefer to learn more about your account in other ways, check out our FAQs, webinar or give our Rockstars a shout at: or 1.866.303.6061.



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