Love What You Do

May 6, 2011

One thing that all FreshBooks customers share is that they love what they do. They’ve chosen a different path, they’ve gone into business for themselves and pushed hard to do what they’ve always dreamed of. Of course, there are challenges along the way, finding the balance between loving the work and the business. They have to be an entrepreneur, manager and technician (from Michael Gerber’s book The E-myth).

It’s clear, however, that despite the challenges, doing what you love to do is rewarding. FreshBooks customers apply their talents in creative and intelligent ways every day and this poster from DKNG Studios captures it perfectly:

Do what you love to do & it will love you back.

Indeed, if you love what you are doing, the passion you pour into your projects translates into your quality of life. Sure, there will be times you feel the weight of uncertainty and focus only on the obstacles, but there will also be times that you’ll feel enormous satisfaction from building a career that lets you innovate and express your ideas.

A sincere “you rock” to all you folks leading this charge to lead a life loving the work you do.

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