FreshBooks and CreativeMornings Bring You the Master Freelancer Winners

Creative freelancers don’t always get the recognition they deserve. While agencies reward stellar work through company-wide announcements and internal promotions, freelancers are often left to reward themselves with a mere pat on the back.

So, to show some extra love for freelancers everywhere, FreshBooks and CreativeMornings teamed up to launch its very first Master Freelancer Award, which drew in hundreds of submissions. The winners not only had their work shared with our global audiences—they also received the inaugural Master Freelancer trophy, a Bamboo Spark and a free, one-year FreshBooks subscription.

To win, freelancers needed to wow a panel of experts, which included Ingrid Fetell Lee (Design Director at IDEO), Liz Danzico (Creative Director at NPR), Tina Roth Eisenberg (founder and CEO at CreativeMornings), and FreshBooks’ very own Mike McDerment (co-founder and CEO) and Josh Hansen (Creative Director).

We’re happy to extend our high-fives and congratulations to the three winners of the Master Freelancer Contest. Here’s a little more about each one and their projects that wowed.

Erin Galey

Project: #weeareclouds, early 2016 | Portfolio

#WeAreClouds TedX Portland 2016 from In The Flicker on Vimeo.

About #weareclouds

Originally this was a promo piece for Caitlyn Jenner, but the director Stuart Getty came to us to try to help with a different kind of statement piece—without Caitlyn, just about the kids. We think it is absolutely great!

What, to you, makes a good freelancer?

Have an organized schedule, good boundaries and keep the lines of communication open.

Best advice you’ve received as a freelancer

Believe in the abundance of the universe. If you’re good at what you do, more work will come. You can safely enjoy your downtime, knowing that the universe is giving you a recess, and the bell (or your phone) will ring when it’s time to work again.

Luke Tonge

Project: The Recorder, November 2015 to March 2016 | Portfolio

Luke Tonge

About The Recorder

In 2014, I pitched and won the opportunity to relaunch Monotype’s historic publication ‘The Recorder.’ Since then, I’ve produced three issues overseeing all aspects of art-direction, design and artwork.

What, to you, makes a good freelancer?

Good communication skills, a small ego, a dash of self-belief, a big dollop of focus and determination, plenty of attention to detail and a huge amount of passion.

Best advice you’ve received as a freelancer

Always get clients to sign a contract before you start the work!

Silvia Celiberti

Project: The In Vitro Meat Cookbook illustrations, 2013/2014 | Portfolio

Syliva Celiberti

About The In Vitro Meat Cookbook illustrations

The aim of the project was to move beyond in vitro meat as an inferior fake-meat replacement or horseless carriage, and to explore its creative prospects and visualize what in vitro meat products might be on our plate one day. The aim of the project was not to promote lab-grown meat, nor predict the future, but to visualize a wide range of possible new dishes and food cultures to help us decide what future we actually want.

What, to you, makes a good freelancer?

Have an unlimited amount of stamina, be social and be nice to people.

Best advice you’ve received as a freelancer

Not sure I received one. But if I would, it would have probably been about the importance of putting yourself out there—a.k.a networking in person.

Congratulations again to the three winners and a special thank-you to all participants of the very first Master Freelancer Award. Stay tuned to our social feeds for future contests!

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