MasterCard Masterstroke

October 19, 2007

I grew up across the street from a natural ice hockey surface and I learned a lot about Canadian culture and my own character playing shinny on that rink. I still play shinny during the winter here in Toronto. Unfortunately our great city is going through some financing issues, which I think is a real shame because it’s a growth engine for all of Canada, but I digress. As a result of the financial issues, Toronto Mayor David Miller has been cutting public services (including outdoor hockey rinks) which is also a shame, but something he pretty much has to do. Now enter MasterCard…

It’s not very often a big company does something that directly effects me or something that I care about, but MasterCard just did. They are offering $160,000 in no strings attached funding to ensure the Toronto rinks open in December for the holidays, instead of being forced to open in January due to budgetary issues. As a Canadian who believes that outdoor hockey has long shaped and influenced our cultural identity and the character of our youth, I have to say, MasterCard this was one sweet move, you hosers.

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