Office Closed this Monday, February 18 for Family Day

February 17, 2008

Please note FreshBooks is closed Monday, February 18 for Family Day.

What’s a Family Day?

Photo of Louis Riel and familyA gift from the freshly re-elected premier of Ontario; or, an idea completely stolen from Alberta.

I wanted to link to an Alberta government Web page detailing the holiday’s origin. It turns out back in 1990, their premier’s son was busted for cocaine possession. The premier decided he should be spending more time with his family, so he declared a holiday. Eighteen years later, the government still hasn’t found the right way to spin that story, I guess! So, no link for you.

Still, the idea’s catching on fast. Saskatchewan started celebrating Family Day last year, and we join the party this Monday. Manitoba also added a holiday this year, though they’re celebrating Louis Riel Day. (And really, what better way to honour a controversial figure than with a controversial new holiday?)

We’d also be remiss not to wish George Washington a happy 276th, and everybody’s favourite non-planet a joyous 78th.

Enjoy your long weekend if you’ve got one. See you Tuesday!

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