New & Improved in FreshBooks: Item Sales Report, Report Filters and Much More

Always improving! These are FreshBooks' latest product updates for February 2019.

It might be the shortest month of the year, but there’s a long list of improvements to FreshBooks this February! Here’s what’s changed:

New Item Sales Report Is Now Available

Want to know how many times you’ve sold a particular item? Or what about how much money you’ve made on each item you’ve sold? Look no further than the new Item Sales Report. Filter by date range, one or multiple items, clients, invoice status and even currency (if you do business in multiple countries).

TIP: It’s a great way to keep track of any discounts you’ve provided to your customers.

Improved Reporting Filters Provide More Detailed Insights

You’re now able to filter all those important reports by the following criteria:

  • Multiple Clients on the Item Sales, Invoice Details, Payments Collected and Revenue by Client Reports
  • Multiple Invoice statuses on the Item Sales and Invoice Details Reports

Improved Expense Tracking for More Accurate Reporting

Need to make bulk changes to the tax rate applied to certain Expenses? Now you can check off multiple Expenses and use the Actions button to add or change the tax—all at once.

Improved Payments Collected Report for Predictable Cash Flow

When using the Payments Collected Report, you can now choose multiple Payment methods to filter by. You’ll gain valuable insight into how and when your clients prefer to pay.

And check-out these late additions from the month of January:

Bank Reconciliation Just Got Even Easier

Now you can edit your open balance when using the newly updated Bank Reconciliation feature. This means any reconciled transactions from before your newly defined start date will go unmatched. No need to worry about seeing double.

Find Your Favorite Reports—Fast

Do you review the same reports, daily? Now you can star your favorite reports in the top right-hand corner. They will then appear at the top of your reports section under Favorite Reports.

And, last month, we also added another new report: Revenue by Client. This report breaks down the revenue earned for every client you’ve ever invoiced.

Back-Calculate Expense Taxes—Just in Time for Tax Season

When you select up to two tax amounts, you can automatically calculate the tax totals based on the grand total of your Expense. Staying up to date before tax time will be easy breezy.

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