Fall Teleseminar Series 2006 – Call 7 of 9 – with Jennifer Laycock

November 21, 2006

Episode 7 of FreshBooks “Build Your Business” Fall teleseminar series

Advanced Traffic Building Techniques for your Website (1 hour)

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Jennifer Laycock, editor of Search Engine Guide, shares her knowledge and answers your questions about more advanced traffic drives like viral marketing, link baiting and online reputation management. Here are some notes and timelines from the call:

(1.33) Definition and examples of “link baiting”.

(4.11) Link baiting falls into the viral marketing concept: something that inspires people to talk about you.

(4.38) The cost of viral marketing: in the idea, not the marketing.

(5.14) Why the idea has to be unique: creating brand evangelists.

(6.33) Decide what your viral marketing goal is: sell a product/service, or raise awareness?

(8.33) Once you have the idea and the market segment identified, how do you get the word out?

(9.37) Jennifer wanted to be able to explain the importance of online marketing to small business owners from their point of view. She set herself the challenge of launching a new online business without spending any money and making a profit within 30 days. She explains the process and the results.

(12.54) The importance of investing time to become involved with a community and how it can pay you back.

(18.20) Online reputation management defined. The effect of poor responses to online customers.

(19.13) How online reputation management is similar to public relations.

(19.45) Why people are taking from their advertising budget to give to their PR budget.

(21.46) About the mesh conference.

(23.47 – 25.35) Jennifer dropped off the call.

(25.35) I’ve not started a blog for any of my stores because I’m afraid I won’t keep it current. How often should I add content to keep it working for me?

(26.00) Key point for blogging: if you can’t do it properly, don’t do it at all.

(26.55) Creative ways to create blog content: delegate, pay someone, user-generated content.

(27.41) Other benefits of blogging.

(29.38) Do we need all our keywords on our homepage in natural text?

(30.00) How many keyword phrases you should optimize each page for.

(34.46) Is use of marquee tag considered spam?

(36.04) If it’s no good for users, it’s no good for search engines. The Pinocchio effect: search engines want to replicate human judgment.

(37.53) Link building: 3 different types of links that go to your site (reciprocal, one-way, paid) and the definition of each.

(38.53) Understanding the value of a site: page rank.

(39.40) Ways to approach a site to ask them for a link.

(40.10) The most important factor in getting someone to link to your site.

(42.31) Title tags: length, what they’re used for, how to write them, inclusion of brand.

(46.30) Keyword phrase dilution.

(47.50) How to find places to link to your site: for sites with existing links.

(50.10) How to find places to link to your site: for sites with no links.

(51.40) Should I use an SEO company that promised page one rankings?

(54.41) What information should I look for in my web stats that will help me make changes that result in more traffic? The value of segmentation; knowing “what’s changed” can be more valuable than “top referrers”.

Thanks Jennifer!


Next week’s teleseminar: How to successfully manage software projects, with Craig Fitzpatrick.

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