We’ll be in Late…We’re Golfing

July 31, 2006

I’ll tell you something, when you run a small business, people work hard. Our group is no different. I’ll tell you something else: I have never regretted a single moment that we have dedicated to spending time together out of the office.

So, on Tuesday August 1, 2006, we will not be answering our phone lines or replying to email until approximately 11:00 AM EDT. Why? We are human and we are going to be spending a little quality time as a group: golfing.

We’ll post some results later tomorrow (my money is on Joe), but I’d expect any scores we do report to be high…

UPDATE: 11:14 AM EDT – we’re back.  Call or email if you need us.  Levi brought home the bacon.  We played “One-Putt Poker”.  Basically you start with two cards.  You earn a new card for each green you one put, two cards for birdies and eagles.  Final results after 9 holes:

1. Levi: Flush on eight cards.  He had three aces too. [WINNER]
2. Daniel: Pair of 10’s on three cards.
3. Mike: Pair of six’s on six cards.
4. Joe: Pair of six’s on five cards.
5. Jeff: King high on five cards.

Kathy was sorely missed.

Additional notes: Joe, Mike and Levi all registered a birdie.  Levi also got an eagle (wow!)…and no…we were not playing mini putt…

Thanks for following along at home, and congrats Levi!

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