Working from home is da Bomb

August 14, 2006

For my virginal blog post I would like to express why as a developer:

Working from home is da Bomb:

  1. Tunes cranked (k-os, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace) – who am I gonna bother?
  2. Minimal interruptions (mind you, no kiddies)
  3. Afternoon siestas
  4. Traffic commute – no thanks
  5. Clothing optional
  6. Gym on the 33rd floor of my condo building makes it easy to get in some mid-day fitness
  7. Roll out of bed, check email – Bam! I am working within 5 minutes
  8. No need to make small talk with fellow workers when tired or a little under the weather
  9. Stocked fridge 10 steps away
  10. Can work anytime I feel motivated 24/7

Put these together and I get: Freedom and Increased Productivity.

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